On a random day in April, I found this beauty. “The ‘Other’ Love Story,” and as the name suggests, it is a love story of ‘others.’ I think, by the title, they mean to convey that the love story portrayed in this web series is probably “othered.” Left isolated. As if it’s not a love story at all. I like how the title reminds us of the whole erasure of LGBTQ+ relationships. What makes me elated is the fact that The ‘Other’ Love Story is India’s first lgbtq+ web-series! Or so I have heard. It went on floors in 2016 on YouTube. I finished the whole web series in one watch. (In 2020, four years later!) Trust me; it deserves attention. Sadly, it is extremely underrated. First of all, let me repeat – The ‘Other’ Love Story is a MUST-WATCH!

About the web-series

It has a total of twelve episodes. Each of them is around 10 minutes long. Roopa Rao is the writer and director of the series. The producer is Harini Daddala for JLT Films. Shweta Gupta and Spoorthi Gumaste are the main characters. Roopa Rao did a spectacular job by bringing India’s first LGBTQ+ web-series into existence.

Aadya & Aanchal in the kitchen (& in love)

The plot

The story revolves around two girls (Aadya & Aanchal) who befriend each other and slowly fall in love. There are no cell phones. No internet either. As we see, the story progresses slowly. But the way it makes you feel remains constant throughout. It has captivating episode titles. They make the web series ten times better. The short episodes usually start with a diary entry penned by Aadya. According to IMDb, director Roopa Rao said – “It’s a love story between two people; their gender doesn’t matter.” 

Why I loved it

Honestly, I think this is the best web series. It had the capacity to quench my thirst for: 

  1. LGBTQ+ content without stereotypes
  2. Young love
  3. Poetic flow
  4. Romance

As I said above, this amazing web series has everything you need! The story is poetic. There’s love, growing & blooming. You need to know that The ‘Other’ Love Story is a must-watch. Everybody needs some teen romance in their lives. Not many Indian movies or TV shows have had positive LGBTQ+ portrayal, which makes this web series stand out. It is an extremely genuine watch. And so, I’ve watched it so many times. As a result, I feel ever so soft every time I finish watching it. The best part about this web series is the fact that it is India’s first lgbtq+ web-series!

This could have been a simple frothy story of teenage love or a story of families with teenage kids and the problems they face. But it’s so much more than just that. There are gifts, landline calls, shy meetings. (And lots of gay panic!) There are heartache and heartbreak, but will love triumph all in a happy ending? Watch the whole thing to know! 

Tap here to watch it right away!

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