With media advancements and technological developments, businesses and multimedia outlets worldwide have adopted different methods of marketing, including animation. Animation has played an integral role in these developments.

What is animation?

Animation is the maneuvering of creativity, storytelling, art, and sketching merged to create moving images of a particular object, situation, or item in a continuous motion. It is the manipulation of figures to produce a photographic sequence that appears as moving images. 

Animated movies are versatile, and throughout the years, have evolved into various types. The different types of animation are: 

  • Motion graphics
  • 3D 
  • Stop motion
  • Sand animation
  • Cut-out animation
  • Digital 3D animation
  • Paint-on-glass animation
  • Vector
  • Hand-drawn animation

Creating animation requires creativity, intelligence, impeccable communication, and substantial presentation skills. 

Importance of animation in multimedia

With the rapid evolvement of the entertainment industry and the continuous development of various technological fields, animation has played an extensively integral role in the expansion, evolution, and progress of the multimedia entertainment industry. Starting in 1908 by a French artist named Émile Cohl, the first animated movie, Fantasmogie, was released. 

A few years later, Walt Disney paved the way for animation in the entertainment, media, and film industry with his impeccable and intriguing stories, art, and creativity. From then, till now, thousands of animation movies have been released.

Animation conveys concepts and ideas in the simplest form while leaving great impressions on viewers. Children might portray changes in their likings, dislikings, and behaviors, as well as their use of language, based on the cartoons they watch. 

Animation is the art of storytelling through moving pictures, and technology. In short, when tech, creativity, and storytelling are merged, the animation is formed. 

Benefits of animation for business 

We live in a digital era where everything is available to us at our fingertips. From social media outlets and online shopping to working online, digital content has expanded tremendously. And business is no exception. 

Animation is an entertaining alternative for those who disfavor reading. When a brand uses animation video marketing strategies, they unlock the secret to keeping their viewer’s attention. 

According to these stats and reports:

  • The inclusion of video content on a brand’s landing page can maximize content interaction by 80%. 
  • ⅓ of web user activity is spent watching videos online. 
  • 50% of business owners and executives look for additional details after viewing a service or a product in a video. 
  • 65% of video viewers watch more than ⅗ of a video

Adults enjoy viewing animated content is because they associate it with their nostalgic childhood memories. Scientists have proved the association of nostalgia with fighting off depression, anxiety, and similar other negative emotions.

What are the benefits of animated dideos in marketing?

People, businesses, and organizations have started to use animation content as a means of advertising their platforms. They are adding creativity, by expressing in  2D animation, to create ads that inspire and attract customers to purchase the product or services they’re selling. 

Content marketing has played an integral role in generating an audience, attracting potential clients, and building traffic, building trust amongst people of various organizations.

What makes animated videos are a good strategy for marketing?

While searching for potential businesses to invest their money in, investors would not enjoy reading a 3000-word article that describes your company, the way it operates and featured statistics. Instead, if a business has an explainer video on their site for potential clients and investors to watch and learn more about what they offer, it will be more convenient and effective. 

The impact of video content marketing on your business can be substantial in several ways. And instead of potential customers spending thirty minutes browsing through the pages of text, they would prefer to watch a video that is both entertaining and informative. 

When businesses utilize 3D animation or 2D animation for promotional purposes, they are using an intelligent marketing technique that provides potential business clients with leisure and entertainment while gaining relevant exposure to their business and its objectives. 

Why Is Animation Important for a Business in Today's World?

How animated videos can help sell your product or services

Have you recently launched your business and are looking for ways to make your content more intriguing for people to go to your website and see what you have to offer? Are you looking for an extensively versatile and compelling way of presenting your products and/or services to a specific medium, or potential clients?

You can adapt the method of content marketing that nearly all organizations now utilize and use animation as a promotional or marketing strategy for potential clients and regular audiences. 

  • A precisely done 2D animation can help increase the chances of potential sales for organizations or companies.
  • Animation inflates and builds up the distinguished desirability of your products or services.
  • Any information on your internet which appears boring or visually plain can be enhanced. Tbe more engrossing, riveting, entrancing, or compelling with the help of animation graphic visuals, and illustrations.
  • Animations allow the viewers to see how your products or services can provide what they need and help solve their problems. 

How to promote your animation videos online 

Multiple methods can be adopted for promoting animation videos online. One of the best methods is social media. Marketing stats for 2020 have revealed the maximized benefit of using video as a form of marketing strategy. 

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It is extensively helpful to use social media in advertising. Brand awareness can surge in this age of digital media. With the help of various social media platforms worldwide.

According to a survey compiled by SurveyMonkey, over 50% of the people they tested logged into all of the social media apps, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Pinterest, and Instagram. By posting your animated content on the internet, you can interact with communities and social media users online and worldwide.


With the help of an animation, you can create visually compelling content that can help you stand out uniquely in the marketplace. Many established organizations use clever animations as a way to boost their services’ or products’ visibility and their brand awareness.  This helps secure significant contracts with their potential clients, investors, or business partners. 

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