Over the years, women have begun taking over what we call “male-dominated industries.” Most of these careers fall under the STEM category, but a highly unrecognized male-dominated industry is that of DJing. Luckily, there are some women stepping up and facing the challenges presented in the male-dominated world of DJing. Women such as Nikki Pennie Lindsay Luv and Alison Wonderland have become icons in the DJ world.

A look into the DJ world

 In a 2014 Forbes interview, when asked what set her apart from males in the DJ industry, Pennie responded saying “It’s a difficult question to answer, but I think the only real difference is that I have played it up with the way I am marketing myself as a “SheJ” and have just trademarked the term. A girl can be glamorous and change up her look, emphasize her femininity, fashion sense, and sex appeal in a way obviously a man can’t. I think this gives a unique edge and something new and interesting to the game…Girl Power!!!”

In the same interview, Lindsay Luv was asked what she found challenging about being in the DJ industry. She responded, “Sometimes the club world felt like a ‘boys club’…and while better now, it has a ways to go.  Even well-respected female DJs encounter resistance when being considered for headlining the big club gigs that male DJ’s more easily book.”

Additionally, in a 2018 Fizzy Mag interview, Alison Wonderland spoke up on what it’s like working in a male-dominated industry. Following becoming one of the first high billing female DJs at Coachella, she proclaimed, “I feel sort of responsible as a woman in the industry to represent my gender in a certain way, and it’s important to me.” She described her career as a DJ by saying, “It’s been a bonus representing my gender when it has been a little bit of a struggle to be taken as seriously as men are.”

It is important for women to understand that although DJing may seem like a ‘boys club,’ it is a perfectly viable career. This is the case for numerous careers.

Royal Queens Rising

Fortunately, there are women that are speaking out and providing a platform for females in DJing. One of these outstanding women is Michelle Miller, host of the podcast Royal Queens Rising.

Michelle DJ RunDat Miller is a successful entrepreneur who has created a living from her family-friendly DJ business. She is also the number one best selling author for her book How to Start a DJ Business. Her new podcast, Royal Queens Rising, focuses on giving tips and tricks to aspiring DJs. These tips could greatly help them expand their business.

Through various interviews with female DJs, this podcast reveals unique business strategies and personal stories of those in the industry. This provides the perfect platform for aspiring DJs to learn about the industry. It also provides media exposure for up and coming female DJs. Royal Queens Rising Podcast can be found on iTunes, Spotify, and Google Play.

Psychology behind male-dominated industries

Male-dominated industries have become fuel for the continuation of toxic masculinity. A 2019 article in the Harvard Business Review revealed that the mentality driving male-dominated industries begins at a very young age.

“Girls as young as six stop believing that girls are the smart ones, while boys continue to believe their gender is gifted. As women get older, these stereotypes discourage them from pursuing careers thought to be typically reserved for men. And, with fewer women in a field, subsequent generations  of women are deterred from pursuing them”

Sian Beilock

It is a harsh truth, but it can be reversed. Progress is made with every woman that decides to follow their heart and pursue a career of their choice despite its skewed gender demographic.

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