For this article, I found a list of names of women who had been killed by men in 2017 in the UK. You can read the list here.

I researched each woman; all of these women’s cases had been reported in the news. I considered compiling all of the killings and murders within this list, with the aim that if all of their deaths were collated in one place it would make an impact. Yet, as I read through the 139 stories, I didn’t want to include how they died. When you research their names, the top results focus on their death, the murder, and the men. These women were murdered by their fathers, sons, uncles, partners, ex-partners, grandchildren, strangers and terrorists. The killings were violent, upsetting and horrendous. Often, the murders’ names, ages, and professions are written before the victim, the woman. Often, there is little information on the women themselves, and only what happened. I have read about every single woman and how they died.

I decided to only include their names and ages if they were a parent, their careers if it was shared. These women are more than these descriptions – they are sisters, daughters, friends, colleagues; they are many qualities and experiences and attributes. What I want to demonstrate is that they are also more, much more than the men who killed them. I wanted one space on the internet where the information about the men or how they died were not included – we should not have to read about the horrific incidents to be outraged, shocked and distressed that 139 women were killed in one year. The media often focus on the way the women died, the funerals and the men who killed them. This list only recognises the women, who they were and that violence against women can happen across ages, ethnicity and social background.

The Women:

Alexander Stuart, known as Alex, 22 years old, post-woman

Alison Howe, 45 years old, mother  

Alyson Watt, 52 years old, charity worker

Amandeep Kaur, 35 years old, mother of two girls

Amy Barnes, née Shimell, 32 years old, nursery nurse

Andreea Cristea, 31 years old, architect

Angelika Klis, 39 years old, mother of two

Anita Downey, 51 years old, mother of three

Ann Furneaux, 70 years old, retired auxiliary nurse

Anne Moore-Martin, 83 years old, retired teacher

Anne O’Neill, 51 years old, retired nurse, mother  

Anne Searle, 62 years old, mother of three

Anne-Marie James, 33 years old, mother

Arena Saeed, 30 years old, mother of two

Asiyah Harris, 27 years old, mother of two  

Avis Addison, also known as Mary, 88 years old, mother, regular churchgoer, retired   

Aysha Frade, 44 years old, mother of two, PA at independent sixth form

Beryl Hammond, 81 years old, mother

Beverley Bliss, 52 years old, mother, grandmother, involved in the local arts scene

Beverley Hudson, 42 years old, mother of three  

Carolyn Hill, 51 years old, mother, grandmother

Catherine Kelly, 71 years old, mother

Celine Dookhran, 20 years old, worked in a bank

Chloe Miazek, 20 years old, waitress and worked in Tesco

Chloe Rutherford, 17 years old, actress  

Chrissy Kendall, 46 years old, mother, nursery manager

Christine Archibald, 30 years old, homeless shelter worker

Concepta Leonard, 51 years old, mother, involved in local music  

Courtney Boyle, 19 years old, student at Leeds Beckett University

Demi Pearson, 37 years old, mother of four

Dionne Clark, 27 years old, mother of four

Dzilva Butiene, 48 years old, mother of two

Eilidh MacLeod, 14 years old, student

Elaine McIver, 43 years old, police detective

Elizabeth (Betty) Jordan, 53 years old, mother

Elizabeth Merriman, 39 years old, mother of three

Ella Parker, 29 years old, mother to be (5 months), manager at Co Op

Ellen Higginbottom, 18 years old, psychology student

Emma Day, 33 years old, mother

Eulin Hastings, 74 years old, grandmother of two  

Farnaz Ali, 49 years old

Florina Pastina, 36 years old, primary school teacher

Gemma Leeming, 30 years old, mother of two

Georgina Callander, 18 years old, health and social care student

Gillian (Nyasha) Zvomuya (Kahari), 35 years old, ran a care business

Hannah Cohen, 33 years old, ran a cake making business

Hannah Dorans, 21 years old, care support worker

Hazel Wilson-Briant, 27 years old, mother

Humara Khan, 42 years old, mother of three

Ilona Czuper, 62 years old, mother, grandmother

luliana Tudos, 22, barmaid

Jane Hings, 72 years old

Jane Sergeant, 70 years old

Jane Sherratt, 60 years old, former deputy head teacher

Jane (Carolyn) Tweddle, 51 years old, mother of three

Janet Northmore, 76 years old, mother

Janice Griffiths, 59 years old, mother, grandmother  

Janine Bowater, 25 years old, mother of two

Jayne Toal Reat, 43 years old, mother

Jean Chapman, 81 years old, mother, grandmother

Jessica King, 23 years old, mother of two  

Jillian Grant, 38 years old

Jillian Howell, 46 years old, volunteer with the Samaritans

Joanne Rand, 47 years old, mother of three  

Jodie Willsher, 30 years old, mother of one, worked at Aldi

Julie Fox, 51 years old

Julie McCash, 43 years old

Julie Parkin, 39 years old, primary school teacher  

Justene Reece, 46 years old

Kanwal/Bernice Williams, 50 years old, mum of two, primary school teacher  

Karen Jacquet, 66 years old, foster parent

Karen Young, 47 years old

Karina Batista, 40 years old

Karolina Chwiluk, 20 years old, architecture student at Westminster University

Katherine Smith, 26 years old, mother of one

Katrina Evemy, 19 years old, mother

Kelly Brewster, 32 years old, worked for solicitors and insurance companies  

Kerri McAuley, 32 years old, mother of two  

Kiran Daudia, 46 years old

Kirsty Boden, 28 years old, nurse

Kirsty (aka Kirby) Noden, 32 years old

Kulwinder Kaur, 40 years old, mother of two  

Lea Adri-Soejoko, 80 years

Leah Cohen, 66 years old, mother, owner of Beigal Bake

Leanne Collopy, 25 years old, mother

Leanne McKie, 39 years old, mother, police officer

Leonne Weeks, 16 years old  

Linda Parker, 52 years old, mother of four

Lisa Chadderton, 44 years old, mother

Lisa Lees, 43 years old, mother  

Lisa-Marie Thorton, 36 years old, mother of three

Louella Fletcher-Michie, 24 years old

Marie Brown, 41 years old, nursery worker

Marjorie Cawdery, 83 years old, mother

Mary Steel, 79 years old, mother

Megan Bills, 17 years old

Megan Hurley, 15 years old, school student  

Melanie Clark, 44 years old, mother of two

Michelle Kiss, 45 years old, mother of three

Moira Gilbertson, 57 years old, mother

Molly McLarenm, 23 years old, university student

Monika Lasek, 36 years old

Nasima Noorzai, 29 years old, mother

Natividad Nituan, 70 years old

Nell Jones, 14 years old, school student

Nicola Beck, 52 years old, acupuncturist

Nicola Campbell, 30 years old

Olivia Campbell-Hardy, 15 years old, school student

Olivia Kray, 19 years old

Patricia McIntosh, 56 years old

Pauline Cockburn, 48 years old, mum of three

Quyen Ngoc Nguyen, 28 years old, mother

Rikki Lander, 26 years old, mother of three

Romina Kalaci, 32 years old

Ruby Wilson, 94 years old, mother, grandmother

Sabrina Mullings, 38 years old, mother

Sara Zelenak, 21 years old

Sarah Jeffery, 48 years old

Sarah Pitkin, 58 years old, mother of four

Shaeen Akhtar, 49 years old, mother

Sheila Morgan, 72 years old

Wendy Farwell, 50 years old, mother of three, primary school worker

Vicki Hull, 29 years old, mother

Vera Savage, 89 years old, retired

Vanessa James, 24 years old, mother

Valerie Turner, 62 years old, mother

Tyler Denton, 25 years old

Tracy Kearns, 43 years old, mother of two

Tracey Wilkinson, 50 years old

Tracey Bowen, 52 years old

Tina Billingham, 54 years old, mother

Teresa Wishart, 80 years old, grandmother

Suzanne Brown, 34 years old, mother

Susan Westwood, 68 years old, mother

Susan Fuller, 63 years old, mother

Sorrell Leczkowski, 14 years old, GCSE Student

Tabasim Khan, 37 years old

Sinead Wooding, 26 years old, mother of four

Simone Grainger, 30 years old, mother of two