Before going to the topic of whether or not XXXTentacion’s death is fortunate or unfortunate, I’d firstly throw a little light on XXXTentacion’s biography, just so that the ones who are not aware of his fame and faults would have an idea about all those controversial and non-controversial posts and comments trending all over different social media regarding the recent tragic truth of “XXXTentacion’s” death.

XXXTentacion’s original name is Jahseh Dwayne Onfroy. He was an American songwriter, singer, and rapper. Before his career as a music artist, he spent most of his childhood getting involved in a lot of violence-related misconduct of which trying to attack a man who was attempting to attack his mother when he was only 6 years old was the first. Jahseh dropped out of school when he was in grade 10 describing himself as “Misfit” despite the fact of being popular and often getting into fights. Later Jahseh enrolled in composing music with the support of his then-girlfriend, Geneva Ayala and also since he felt that was something he was really good at. Started with uploading his first official song, “Vice City” on SoundCloud, he has composed a lot of other music including the album “?” debuted at number one on the Billboard 200.

Apart from his fame and global admiration for his music, XXXTentacion’s behavior towards WOMEN was disturbing. In short, the most popular ugly ways of how he violated them were:

  • When Jahseh attended middle school, there was a girl who had a crush on him and in the idiom of preteen infatuation, showed it by slapping him. After taking his mother’s advice of giving her three warnings first and then taking the necessary action, when the girl next bothered him, he SLAPPED THE SHIT OUT OF HER AND KNEED HER.

  • Ayla, Jahseh’s then-girlfriend moved in with him into the Deckemz’ house while they were seeing each other. Once while Ayla was admiring one of her childhood friend’s grill post on her Snapchat video, Jahseh grabbed her iPhone 6S, smashed it on the floor, STRUCK HER HARD ON HER FACE and kept acting like everything was cool. Additionally, there are updates from Ayla regrading how Jahseh beat her up while she was pregnant as a result of which she had had several nerve damages and set up a fundraising campaign just to raise enough funds since she was too broke to finance the surgery fees by herself.

On June 18th, 2018, two men in a dark-colored SUV shot and killed XXXTentacion while he was leaving a motorcycle shop in Fort Lauderdale. Right after the news of his death was announced by the cops, his fans started sharing a video on Instagram of which he has previously posted on Instagram saying:

If a worse thing comes to worst, and I die a tragic death or some shit and I am not able to see my dreams, I at least want to know kids perceived my message and were able to make something of themselves and able to take
my message and use it and turn it into something positive and to at least have a good life.

There are more videos of him giving advises on depression and about how to not let it destroy you and about how he doesn’t give a damn about all the “Bad things” people tell him. Well judging X based on what he posted on his own Instagram live, we can all come to a conclusion of about how he, himself was going through depression and was having a hard time coping with it. However going through depression is not an excuse for domestic violence, beating up a pregnant woman and repeatedly abusing her, in my opinion. If at all X was depressed to such an extent in which he committed suicide, that would be something counted as tragic about his death and we could all then assume he was  “trying” to come out of depression, heal and live a life decently BUT that wasn’t the case clearly. Somebody, in fact, out of that two men, one man shot him while he was outside the motorsports dealership. This makes it very clear that TO DIE wasn’t X’s choice, instead he was happy about how successful he was becoming in the music industry, had planned on starting a charity event and also going back to College to get his degree. This makes it very clear that he was well aware of his actions, his abuses, the ugly words that came out of his mouth while he was trying to defend himself of his mistakes of severely beating up his pregnant girlfriend and threatening the lawyer that tried to help her on a call.

Good men must die but DEATH cannot kill their names

This very well-known saying proves it all about how If a man was really good and treated people with kindness throughout his lifetime, there’s no way his name is dead, it will be remembered and cherished in the long run unlike X’s. Although yes, there are many people out there, the so-called “ fans of X” who are mourning his death all over social media based on his music and depression-related advises, it clearly doesn’t mean he was some great man who achieved the unachievable. X wasn’t such a great MAN who faced a lot of struggles in his lifetime to bring about some real changes in this world or at least somebody who achieved something great for his age and set an example for all the teens about nothing is impossible kind of thing or AT LEAST some decent rapper who was nice to people around him and had a nice history to read and remember about to mourn his death all over social media like most of them are doing it right now. He should have set an example based on his words for the people of his age, about how to get rid of depression and how to live a life that was decent and worth-it and then, yes, I believe it might have made some changes BUT all he did was abuse, use filthy language and give advice on how to avoid depression break you, does that even make sense? I am not saying we should celebrate X’s death BUT that on the other hand clearly does not mean we have to mourn about it and defend his name to everyone who dislikes him either. People have their own reasons to why they hate him, people who have been affected by his abuse have all the rights to show their hatred towards him although Ayala at the end in one of her interviews regarding X’s sudden death has mentioned: “I am broken following the news of X’s sudden death“. I, on one hand, won’t wish death upon anybody regardless of how badly they have treated me or how much wrong they have done yet, on the other hand, I won’t celebrate someone’s death either. Life is short, death is forever. Hence, my deepest condolences for X’s family, friends and fans on his sudden demise at a very young age. There are over million people dying every day in every part of this world and X’s death was just another one. End of discussion.