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Women’s Republic is a website built by a woman, for women. It’s ran by Sai Sailaja Seshadri who is a junior at Arizona State University. Women’s Republic has become a safe haven for dozens of young writers, including myself.

As Women’s Republic grows, so does it’s writers.

One writer in particular, Bridgette Alexis Caudill, has become a newly published author.

Bridgette, or Bridge as I like to call her, grew up in Kentucky but she recently moved to North Carolina to start some new adventures in her life.

Her book is a poetry book called “Yellows and Peaches.” 

According to her createspace page, it “talks about the struggle of love, bipolar disorder and everything in-between.”

Becoming a published author at the ripe young age of twenty-one is a feat that not many people can say that they accomplished. Writing a book takes perseverance, confidence, and most of all, a love for words that almost cannot ever be explained. 

Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart.” -William Wordsworth

One of her dreams was to become a published author, and on August 1 2017, she did just that. On behalf of all the Women’s Republic writers, I want to say that we are so proud of Bridgette and her accomplishment. She has inspired us all.

Buy “Yellows and Peaches” by clicking on this link! 


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Marlyn Sarkissian-Sarnani was born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada. She attends the University of Nevada, Las Vegas as a Journalism and Media Studies Major with a minor in Political Science. She hopes to get a masters in journalism and pursue her career in a big city. When Marlyn isn't writing, you can find her watching Disney movies.

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