1. Look at Yourself in the Mirror and Compliment Yourself
    When you feel like you’re a disgusting human being who has no right being here, because you’re “too fat” or “too ugly,” just sit down in front of a mirror and look at the attributes you like. Turn your “my nose doesn’t look right” into “Omg! I have great cheekbones,” and turn your “wow I wish I was as skinny as the VS Angels” into “DAMN! I have great curves and a fantastic ass.” Continuously compliment yourself until all those negative thoughts go away.
  2. Sit Down and Write All of Your Best Traits
    Grab a pen and a piece of paper and write down things like: “I am good at solving math equations,” “I always make time for my friends when they’re feeling down,” “I’m kind, caring, loving,” “I rock at making macaroni and cheese,” “I’m a great driver,” “I have a great fashion sense,” “I’m really good at making people laugh,” “I always smell good.” Write and write and write and write, because as soon as you start, you’ll realize you’re a lot better at things than you think you are.
  3. Do Your Make Up/Hair/Dress Up
    Sometimes you don’t feel good because you’ve been sitting around the house looking like a potato for two days, and you haven’t washed your hair since Thursday, and now it’s Sunday, but you know what? Fix that! Take a warm shower, straighten/curl/crimp/do whatever to your hair, then put on your “going out” makeup and a nice outfit and take selfies, because I promise, you look ROCKING.
  4. Go For a Long Drive/Walk/Run
    Sometimes the best way to get out of your head is to do something that requires your attention. Personally, when I’m feeling down, I like to go on long drives with music blasting and singing until eventually I feel better or cry (and then feel better). Driving gives me a way to focus on something other than myself for a little, and then I feel good because I’m not in my head anymore.
  5. Call Your Best Friend
    Call her. Call him. I don’t care what their gender is but CALL THEM and talk to them. Talk to them about 8th grade when you had your first make-out session next to the giant recycle bin in the parking lot. Talk to them about that guy who accidentally came on his face while you two were having Skype sex, and then just LAUGH and enjoy all the beautiful things your life has given you.
  6. Take A Nap
    Yes, when you’re depressed, sleeping all the time is dangerous, but sometimes when you have tried everything and CANNOT stop beating yourself up, you need a break, and a nap is a great way to do that.
  7. Blast Some (shitty) Pop Songs
    Turn your music on full blast and scream the words, scream them until you can’t scream anymore, and then continue to listen until you feel happy again. Listen to songs about loving yourself and just keep them on repeat until you genuinely feel like you love yourself too.
  8. Read Articles, Books Etc.
    Read a book, article, magazine, etc. where someone talks about how they have felt the same way you have and realize you’re not alone. It’s cliché, but you are your biggest critic, and you have grown bored of yourself because you have known you your whole life, but to others, you are brand new and exciting, and you are never as bad as your think you are.
  9. Watch A Movie
    Watch a movie where the main character defeats a lot of hardship to succeed and ends up being the most kickass person alive. Or watch a RomCom, Disney movie, or a sad story. It doesn’t really matter, as long as it makes you feel better and gets your mind to stop being mean to you.
  10. Remind Yourself That Other People’s Talents Don’t Take Away From Yours
    We all have women that we see in person or online, and we cannot stop saying, “she’s so pretty” or “she’s so smart” or “she’s so funny.” We start comparing ourselves to them. But STOP. Just because someone else is pretty, smart, or funny does not mean that you’re not. You are allowed to have multiple funny, pretty, and smart people in the world, and you’re definitely one of them.