I was born a woman, and I’m proud of being one. I have never felt as I was any less until they made me feel like I was. That’s when I realized that we, as women, have to run the same race as men throughout life, but our path is filled with so many obstacles. We’re tired. And here is why.

  1. Equality has NOT arrived: There’s nothing that makes us more mad that people telling us that we are already equal. Do not tell me I’m just making a victim of myself, because I’m not. I’m sorry, but I’m not talking about some kind of dark and difficult-to-see oppression. I’m talking about the fact that I can’t walk home by myself because I’m afraid of men raping me. And that DOES NOT happen to men. There’s a reason for that.
  2. Biology means sh*t: Yes, it is true men are stronger and faster, generally speaking. But actually, unless you’re an elite athlete, in everyday life we are pretty much equal. I don’t really need to run 100 metres in 9 seconds like Usain Bolt does, and I don’t need to carry around a 500 kilogram weight like Eddie Hall. I mean, to go to the gym, go grocery shopping, go to school, hang out with my friends… I don’t think biology makes us any different. If we have different standards for men and women in some professions like firefighters and police officers but we believe that women will be perfect at their jobs with the standards that are put for them… Then why not lowering the standards and making them the SAME for both genders? I can do just as much as a man can. And I can do more than many men.
  3. Men do not suffer as much with gender roles: This is such a ridiculous statement. Honestly, I get that maybe they will make fun of you if you cry in public, and that isn’t okay. But at least you’re not expected to never pursue a career dream because you have to stay home and take care of your children. And maybe if you pursue a career they don’t tell you that medicine isn’t for you. That maybe you should be a nurse, because you’re so sweet and it fits you better.
  4. We want to speak openly about our sexuality: Because we get slut shamed if we ever dress like sexual beings, while male celebrities are praised if they post nudes. Because we enjoy sex too, but we can’t say it. We have to be virginal, pure, innocent. We are sluts if we have sex with you. You’re praised for having sex with us.
  5. It’s been centuries already: More like, it’s ALWAYS been this way. And that’s why we see it as normal, but it isn’t. Maybe it’s true when you say we are always angry. But wouldn’t you be angry if you had been oppressed FOREVER?
  6. Religion isn’t an excuse: Jesus was the biggest supporter of Magdalena as she was humiliated for being a prostitute.  The one sinless among you, let him cast the first stone at her” shows that he supported our rights, in his own way. Time has changed, and I’m sure those thoughts belong on the time Jesus lived, not now. If he loves us all, he’ll want us all free and loved and happy. Stop telling me I must be submissive because God wants me that way. I’m sure being a good person has nothing to do with the fact that I want equal rights.
  7. We want equal pay: For real, DO WE STILL HAVE TO BE FIGHTING THIS THING? We work as much we get payed as much. End of story.
  8. We are all human beings: Our differences make us unique and we should strive to give each person what she or he deserves for what she or he does. And nothing else than that. Stop putting different expectations on children based on their gender. We deserve to do and become what we wish. After all, we are all just looking for love, laughter and we are all trying to make our dreams come true. Do not let misogyny blur your mind.


But… We aren’t done. We’ll keep pushing because it’s our duty to let our daughters, nieces, neighbors and all  the other little and not-so-little girls we’ll never meet a world where their voice is heard. We’ll keep saying that they’ve taken so much from us we don’t even have fear left. We’ll keep celebrating that they haven’t taken our willingness to fight.

Dear women, keep fighting your fight, keep being a light. We will see you, we will hear you, and we will stand by your side.