25 women have come forward accusing Hollywood film producer Harvey Weinstein of various forms of rape and sexual assault. As the story is unfolding, we are learning that this was no big secret within the industry. This was likely a regular thing. This man is a regular rapist. He raped women knowingly and without remorse. And the men around him that had full knowledge of his actions enabled him.

Let me say that with full transparency: men with knowledge of other men’s rapist actions are guilty. Inaction makes you guilty. Standing on the sidelines telling yourself “there’s nothing I can do” while women lose a part of themselves makes you guilty.

Victims are ostracized, made to feel as if the attack on them was justified. When someone robs you, do the police tell you it was your fault for owning a house in the first place? Asia Argento, one of the women Weinstein raped, said she felt responsible and damaged. It is difficult for men to understand why women feel the way they do – perhaps because men haven’t learned

A woman’s body is not for your pleasure, Harvey Weinstein, to consume at your leisure. A woman’s body is her own. A woman’s sexuality is her own, to give and take at her own inclination.

Men are quick to point fingers at women after a rape, demanding answers to idiotic questions such as “how late were you out?” and “what were you wearing?” The first 100 questions you ask need to be directed at the attacker. Men need to learn to hold other men accountable for their actions. If you are not fully condemning a rapist’s actions, with the full force of your wrath, you are not doing enough.

Harvey Weinstein is a rapist. He is not a sex-addict, as the media likes say in order to translate white men’s actions into a mental illness and remove accountability.

The media is predictably supportive of white males. As more and more women are coming forward with their brutal experiences with Weinstein, stories are being published with content like “alleged rape” and “an extraordinary accusation.” No one has yet called him a rapist, despite everything pointing to it. This man does not deserve to be coddled, he needs to be condemned.

Harvey Weinstein, rapist.