1: Do not be quiet: Under no circumstances should you stop protesting against what Donald Trump does. Whether it is unconstitutional, inhumane, or simply doesn’t reflect your opinions, make sure your voice is heard. It’s like voting, in a way: having the ‘one vote won’t make a difference’ mindset is detrimental to democracy as we know it. What happens when everyone thinks that way? Then all those one votes DO matter. Staying silent is the same way; if everyone thinks, “my voice won’t make a difference,” nothing will change. Less than a month since Trump was inaugurated, and already, millions across the country – and the world – have raised their voices and gone to the streets to protest. And it’s more than just the women’s march (which, in a way, transcended just protesting Trump); recently, airports across the country were filled with people protesting the immigration executive order. Women’s rights everywhere are being threatened, and one of the most important things the country must do to stop them from being taken is to speak up and let Trump know that he can’t do the things he is doing.

2: Be inclusive: To survive a sexist president, women must be able to lean on each other for strength and guidance. So stop hating on other women, for whatever reason. We need to be one strong and cohesive group in order to stay afloat. This means that -, and I want to stress this one – everyone needs to be all-inclusive. Do not be a white feminist (please). Now more than ever, women need to be able to rely on each other for support. Excluding minority women because of the color of their skin or their sexuality makes you no better than Trump himself. You cannot call yourself a ‘feminist’ or ‘a supporter of women’s rights’ if you don’t acknowledge all women. Not only is Trump sexist, but he is racist and homophobic as well. Because of this, women who are not straight or white have two — or more — battles to face. The least that privileged women can do is support their sisters in combat and fight all the wars together.

3: Share experiences: Instead of normalizing hatred, fear, and violence, women everywhere need to help combat suppression. No more should women feel invalidated because she was sexually assaulted, or because she doesn’t have a perfectly proportioned body. Take something you love to do — photography, writing, drawing, singing — and share your unique experiences through that outlet. Once the stigmas of suppression against women are demolished, society can praise women for what they accomplish and lift them when they feel invalidated. Sharing our experiences will make the country more accepting.

If you have any more suggestions for what women should do to survive the next four years, email Augusta at ambattoclette@gmail.com or tweet to Women’s Republic at @womensrepublic_