Women In The Cockpit

Over the years, the advancement of female pilots has increased. Those females who have achieved the title of pilot are still rare. When was the last time you heard a female voice over the loudspeaker during your commute? According to PilotInstitute.com, a whopping 6.84% of FAA certified pilots are female. That is roughly 46,000 licensed pilots being women in both commercial and recreational aircraft.

Female Pilot Discrimination

Women in general tend to be victims of discrimination more so than men in any workplace. This is especially true for female pilots. Reports show that women experience their male counterpart’s crude humor, belittling their success. They are also more likely to see discrimination during pregnancy and postnatal. It is simply unfathomable that these brave and successful women have it harder than male pilots simply because they are female!

In the past few years, some airlines have approved female pilot training programs. These programs are designed to advance the female pilot’s career paths and give them a boost in morale. Along with professional dismal, women pilots often are victims of sexual harassment by their male coworkers. In aviation, it is not uncommon for sexism to lead the way to fewer females behind the controls. In one report, nude photos, sexual slurs, and unsolicited advances were all too common amongst the ranks. Female pilots are often to blame in these situations simply due to their gender. Being a woman and earning a living in the field of aviation has become more and more degrading over the years.

Does This Mean Women Don’t Deserve Wings?

With this being the year 2020, don’t women deserve to be treated equally to men in any career field? Female pilots are not all that common due to a number of setbacks in the advancements along the ranks leading to piloting aircraft. No one deserves to be harassed, looked down on, or paid less simply due to their gender. Pay among pilots varies greatly, mainly because the pilots are female. It takes a strong person to move up the ranks. Does this mean that compensation should not be the same for a woman? People everywhere seem to see the discrimination play out, yet, they do nothing to help. Will you help encourage the advances of female pilots? They need your voice to show their equality and promised rank among the men of aviation.

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