For as long as I can remember, I have always been a Christian. My mother would drag me to church, and I would gladly go because all of my friends were there. Until high school, I made a choice to do this God thing my way and learn for myself. As I continued on this journey, I quickly realized that some of my ideas did not mesh well with a lot of other Christians that I surrounded myself with. They had no regard for marginalized groups. It was as if the current state of the world was flying over their heads. Their position on things was passive and covered with a scripture band-aids. As a black woman who is the product of two immigrants, I will always advocate for marginalized groups, because the man I pray to every day did just that.

Christian women I know would always talk about how feminism was not of God. However, my question to that is this: when did celebrating femininity become a sin? With the message of loving thy neighbor hammered into my head, it only makes sense to actually love all of my neighbors whether they look like me or not. It is imperative that I should advocate for all marginalized groups and not be passive about the world we live in. Whether you want to apart of this family or not, my love for you knows no bounds.

So, women of all faiths, I implore you to speak out against injustices and celebrate those who are different from you. We cannot watch other women fight alone. Just because it has never happened to you does not mean it isn’t happening at all.