Domestic violence affects almost every person directly or indirectly. Someone you care about has suffered at the hands of their partner. With that said, women are more likely to experience these hardships. As of 2019, around 80% of homeless women are homeless as a result of domestic violence. Women with children are more likely to suffer domestic violence related homelessness than those without a dependant. 

According to, nearly 63% of all homeless women have experienced domestic violence. Women are often cut off from their friends and family to the point that they have nowhere to turn. Getting out of these situations is difficult, especially for those with children. Therefore, the result is usually a choice of enduring violence or sleeping on the street. 

Many homeless women have reported that they stayed in their violent situations due to a lack of resources.

They had no help to leave, no money, and no possessions to their name. With this being true for most of the homeless women around the world, it shows just how difficult it is to leave a domestic violence situation. 

If you find yourself in this situation, please contact your local health department or women’s shelter for assistance. Most of these shelters offer food, clothing, and legal assistance for women of all races and ages. Domestic violence does not discriminate! Women of a minority are more likely to be affected by domestic violence, yet, anyone can be a victim. 

As the holidays approach, the mere thought of women of homeless status deeply saddens all of us. The thought of someone suffering at the hands of their partner and then having nowhere to go is probably one of the biggest challenges we as a society face today. With that said, there is hope. Multiple safe haven organizations exist to aid those who have been directly affected by domestic violence. 

If you or a loved one is suffering from domestic violence, please reach out. 

USA National Domestic Violence Hotline:1-800-799-7233

National Coalition Against Domestic Violence

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