When dressing for the office, it’s important to keep it professional, yes — but it’s also important to feel comfortable, and to let your personal style shine through. For instance, if you tend to avoid tight-fitting skirts and heels like the plague in your personal life, you’ll probably feel a tad awkward wearing this type of outfit in your work life. Still, staying true to your personal style while keeping things professional can be a challenge, which is why we’ve rounded up eight of the classiest business looks for women:

The Everyday Look: A Button-Down Shirt and Cool Trousers

For those just looking to nail down your business-casual, everyday attire, a sleek button-down top with fitted trousers is a solidly great look, especially if your workplace vibes are pretty casual. It’s an outfit that never gets old and looks good on everyone.

The Big Meeting Look: A Tailored Skirt-and-Shirt Combo

Prepping for a big-time meeting? It’s hard to beat the tailored skirt-and-shirt combination, especially when the skirt in question is a form-fitting pencil skirt. (Pro-tip: A skirt that flatters your body type is the ultimate business attire win!)

The On-the-Go Look: Maxi Skirt and Tucked-in Blouse

Racking up tons of frequent flier miles for work this week? If dashing around airports has replaced the office recently, it’s crucial to pick an outfit that’s breathable, travels well, and keeps you looking polished: For this, we recommend a maxi skirt (or elastic waist pants, if you’re not into skirts) with a tucked-in blouse. It’s professional-looking yet comfy, a key component of any great travel outfit.

The I-Didn’t-Do-Laundry Look: A Blazer and Jeans

If it’s laundry day but you binge-watched Big Little Lies instead of washing your clothes, you’ll need something effortless-yet-elegant that you can easily throw on and still look put together in. A blazer and jeans is a classic look that’s great for those days when you have nothing else to wear.

The Casual Friday Look: Dark Denim and Crisp White Tee

TGIF! When Friday rolls around, it’s all about the denim, baby. Opt for darker denim as opposed to frayed, distressed jeans; pair the jeans with your best-fitting, crisp white tee, and you’ve got a perfect look for Casual Fridays.

The Happy Hour Look: A Classy Crop-Top and Dressy Black Pants

Got plans for a post-work cocktail hour with your coworkers or a potential new client? Don a classy crop top (yes, that’s a thing!) and your fave dressy black pants. So long as you’re not baring your midriff, this fashionista look is the ideal happy hour outfit.

The Cozy Sweater Day: Perfect For Rain and Snow

The classic sweater, jeans, and boots look is a good winter go-to. Irish fisherman sweaters are a great base layer when you have to bear the winter elements. If you find one that is lightweight with soft and cozy material, this will be your most comfortable outfit of the week.

The Day-to-Night Look: A Clean, Simple Dress

If you know you’ll need to transition your look from the office to nighttime work shenanigans and you won’t have time to go home in between, nothing works better than a clean, simple, neutral-colored dress. Bonus points if you pair it with a cute cropped jacket, or even a fitted jean jacket.

The Hip Coworking Space Look: A Jumpsuit

If you’re a freelancer or entrepreneur and you work at a cool coworking space, chances are you probably don’t want to wear suits every day. Ladies who work for themselves should spring for a well-tailored jumpsuit, which is always a good look for creatives. And don’t be afraid to pile on the vibrant, colorful accessories.

. . .

Whether you need outfit ideas for a dressy office environment, an important meeting, or a casual happy hour with your coworkers, remember to strike a balance between polished elegance and personalized style. The sky’s the limit: For women, there are dozens of options when it comes to chic business attire; these are just eight of them. Happy shopping!