You’re having a great day. You woke up early feeling refreshed, you completed all your goals for the day, you spent a little bit of time watching your favorite show and managed to go to bed feeling happy and accomplished. You’re feeling inspired and you tell yourself, “tomorrow is going to be a good day too.”

Then tomorrow comes. And it’s not a good day.

Everything feels like it’s going wrong. Whether it’s because you’ve caught a cold or slept in too late and it messed up your entire schedule, whether it’s because you got a text that upset you or your anxiety decided to kick in and not leave you for the day. Regardless of what the reason is, you’re just not having a good day and it feels hopeless and impossible to function.

Does this sound familiar? For me, it happens a lot.

It’s so easy to go from having a really good day to a really bad one, and it leaves you feeling defeated. Personally, I can never really tell why it happens. I’ll wake up one day and everything will just feel like it’s going wrong – I’ll overthinking small things, let my anxiety take over, and before I know it, the entire day just becomes too overwhelming.

The worst part is, the bad days affect you so much more intensely than the good ones, and you feel like it’s the end of the world. I’ve experienced that so many times and the anxiety that those feelings can bring you are scary and horrible.

But here’s the thing: every day is a different day. Yesterday might have been amazing and today might be terrible, but that doesn’t mean tomorrow won’t be a new day. And while you might not have complete control over how tomorrow goes, you can still try to make it another amazing day and not let the negative emotions of a bad day take over.

When you’re feeling down, remind yourself of the positive things. Remind yourself of the things you’ve accomplished this week or month or year. Remind yourself of the things you still want to accomplish, the goals that keep you moving and forward. Call a friend and say hi, go out and grab some dinner, get in a quick workout at the gym or take that much-needed nap. Put your mental and physical health first and practice self-care. I know it’s a lot easier said than done, and I myself struggle with doing all this, but I promise it makes a difference.

And most of all, remember this: it’s okay to not be okay. None of us are feeling perfect 100% of the time. We have off days, we have things that affect us and sometimes you can change it, and sometimes you can’t. Allow yourself to experience those emotions: the sadness, the anger, the frustration. Instead of bottling it up, let it out and remind yourself that it will be better.