The moment you take on motherhood mom there’s a quick transition from life being all about you and your hobbies or interests to everything revolving around your newborn. Anyone new to this game should know that this feeling of devotion won’t go away for a long time. Even after your child has grown up and moved out, the desire to help or support them doesn’t fade.

An important lesson to learn is that self-care is just as important as cleaning and cooking to keep the house running. In my experience, when it’s been too long since I’ve had “me-time”, my family senses this stress and in time all of us are grumpy. Before reaching that tipping point I try to do things I enjoy so I can fill my cup. The happier me reflects on my kids and husband, and there are plenty of ways to go about it!

Any moms out there who have been feeling a little drained lately, keep your head up. Relieve some of that tense energy at a ladies night with the girls, hiking beautiful trails near you, or relaxing in a spa. Time away from a chaotic schedule can seem impossible some days but this time spent relaxing will pay itself off, trust me. Here are some self-care ideas for moms to help break from routine and get out of the house.

Schedule an Appointment

Whatever your fancy, call in and book an appointment. For some it may be a message at the spa, others might prefer to get a cut and color at the salon. Choose something you love and take time to enjoy the treat. One tool I’ve grown to love in these times is ZocDoc. Not just for me when I need a facial at the dermatologist, teeth whitening, laser hair removal, or another self-care appointment I enjoy, but it’s incredible for booking with all kinds of medical professionals quickly and within your insurance parameters. You can also check out reviews of these doctors in the process.

Spend Time with Good Friends

Self-care doesn’t have to be the stereotypical spa day or a yoga retreat. Pull up your best friend’s contact and see what’s she’s up to. Good friends can work better than counselors. Connecting, catching up, and even venting with them can make things seem less serious and more manageable. Her input might even be helpful. If you’ve got a group you like getting together with, that’s great too. Sometimes ladies night is more than just a fun night out with the girls. We all know how limited friend time can be when kids come into the picture.

Get Some Vitamin D

We could all use a little extra sunshine and fresh air. I’m fortunate enough to live in a mountain town in Arizona where there are dozens of trails just outside the city ranging in difficulty and length. My favorite site to reference when I’m looking for a new spot to hike is AllTrails. Find somewhere the entire family will enjoy or pick a peaceful trail just for you to appreciate. You can search trails, sort difficulty, see trail details, get tips from people who have been there, and do all kinds of other cool features. In my opinion, the best is being able to easily tell if my pup is welcome on a trail or not.

Take a Yoga Class

Yoga is another useful tool for moms who need to de-stress and remember to breathe. Not only does yoga increase your strength and flexibility, but it can improve cardio and circulatory health and prevent you from sustaining injuries when you’re off the mat. If leaving the kids at home just isn’t an option, find a class where their age range is welcome and let the whole family reap from the amazing benefits of yoga. You can find kids yoga clothing to match your own and easily see class schedules at studios near you.

Retail Therapy

In some cases, or for some women I should say, a new pair of shoes can help turn around a bad week. Or maybe it’s a new dress you’ve been eyeing online. Purses happen to be my greatest weakness. Either way, go out and shop around or hop online and find the perfect thing. It takes a good chunk of savings to raise kids, and I get that, but still pick up something nice just for you here and there.

.                    .                    .

Kids may take up a lot of time and energy but I think most of us will agree that it is well worth it, ten times over! Just be sure to find time to unwind and treat yourself. Constantly caring for everyone else is very draining. Pick your pleasure and remember to relax, the world of responsibility can survive a few minutes without you.