Modern dating is exhausting, especially with the overwhelming amount of potential partners on dating apps. The volume of potential mates is much larger than what our parents had to deal with, with the increase of options it makes sifting through the possibilities on dating apps seems more like a chore than a fun adventure.
Compatibility between two people is the most important aspect of starting a relationship, but how do you determine compatibility before you meet in person? There are some positive things to look out for, while you’re talking in the beginning. There are a lot of articles written about red flags in the dating world. I would like to reveal some tips I found helpful while navigating dating apps when looking for a potential partner. 

They have good quality pictures of themselves

All of our phones have decent cameras on them. There is no excuse not to post a quality picture of your face. It’s a green flag if someone has clear photos of themselves. Bonus if they took some action shots of a hobby they love or their pet. It shows they have nothing to hide and aren’t afraid of showing their life.

They ask you questions about yourself

A simple question goes a long way. I’ve chatted with so many people I matched with who never asked me a single question about myself. If someone asks you questions about yourself and they don’t use it as a segway to talk about themselves, chances are they are genuinely interested in you. Someone who is into you will want to know more about you, what your hobbies are, or your favorite coffee shop (maybe that could be your first date). 

They understand you have a life outside the app

While we may spend a lot of time on our phones, we still have jobs, social obligations, and self-care we attend to. The potential date you’re talking to should understand that you are not “on-call” 24/7. If they respect your need for space, then they respect you. Green flag!

They want you to feel safe before, during, and after you meet up

Meeting a stranger for the first time is cause for anxiety. If you are nervous about meeting your date, ask to call or video chat to make sure they are who they say they are. When the person is okay with a  call/video chat beforehand, that is a good sign!  Your safety should be important to them. If that person regards your cautions, so you feel safe, that’s a green flag! They don’t pressure ride in their car or go to their place, or somewhere you aren’t comfortable with. When that person regards your cautions, so you feel safe, that’s a green flag! 

These are positive behaviors to look out for. If someone has one or all of these qualities, then they will probably be a promising date. All dating situations and individuals are different. Use your personal preferences for a partner and your discretion when navigating dating apps. Stay safe, and good luck out there!

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