The admirable couples are those who manage everything from their family matters to professional ones, which is technically impossible, considering the stress and energy the job might require. Yet, power couples do wonders. At least that’s how it tends to look like when both are at a peak level career-wise and happy as ever.

Power couples are those couples who are both committed to career and their relationship. They are the ones who make it happen, despite the external pressures. Many women wouldn’t give up all their hard work at any cost. At the same time, some are happy to sacrifice for the family, which is not a bad decision, but a good choice when done willingly. Some men are willing to sacrifice their promotion which needs relocation, and realize it isn’t worth disturbing their partner’s career who has been working hard.
We get a whole life before marrying to learn about managing life between school-family; college-friends-family; a job-personal needs. And yet, it is a marriage that teaches us how difficult things can get. Marriage is when anyone would start to wonder how our parents did it.

The real question comes when it is time to face the situation. While facing a typical situation that can put both partners on an edge trying to decide what’s best for both of them. There can be a loss of career growth or losing a committed relationship. And yet, many power couples do-it-all despite such situations. It is up to the couple to decide on what is more important. When one realizes the importance of the other person’s career life, both should be able to find a way to make it. There cannot be many options for everyone, but when one partner has many options it is their responsibility to choose wisely, considering the things which are most important to them.

There are people, for whom a relationship didn’t work out because of a career crisis. Sometimes, it can be after they have kids and had a long life with each other. Unknowingly at times, the situation can turn out to be suffocated and pressurized. In such a situation knowing about ourselves, about what is more important to us, makes a clear path for our mind to decide on how to work on further relationship and career. Then talking about those changes with the other partner makes the situation understandable and adaptable for both of them, leading to a healthier relationship. In the end, it is all about own fulfillment and meaning to the dual-career couple life.

Power couples are increasing not only in the US but also in counties like India where a woman is still considered a homemaker after marriage in many regions. I am always delighted to know about a Power couple who started from scratch to achieve their dream and still have a strong relationship with their partner.

” My research revealed that dual-career couples overcome their challenges by directly addressing deeper psychological and social forces—such as struggles for power and control; personal hopes, fears, and losses; and assumptions and cultural expectations about the roles partners should play in each other’s lives and what it means to have a good relationship or career. “

-Jennifer Petriglieri