Makeup influencers on social media have absolutely been KILLING the game over the past several months. The rise of anything predominately perceived as “feminine” is always an excuse for patriarchal minions to speak of their disapproval.

Many media outlets decide the best way to address this is by surveying said minions to represent the insignificant opinions on cosmetic talent.

This is not one of those media outlets.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to apply your makeup regardless of any boy’s opinion.

  1. Start off with long-lasting priming to make sure your artistic creations don’t slip around throughout the day while judgments are thrown at you.
  2. Conceal all of the places you want to – or don’t! Those designer eye-bags under your eyes are just another shield to defend yourself from the uninvited opinions.
  3. Contour and highlight for a “snatched” look since you’ll be snatching the happiness from offended misogynists.
  4. Layer on a glowy highlighter and don’t stop until you look like a delicious glazed doughnut. Because what’s better than upsetting the patriarchy with doughnuts?
  5. Set yo’self before you wreck yo’self. Use a budge-proof makeup setting spray to finish off your look to last though swimming on the first date if you happen to find yourself on a date with someone less than worthy.

Makeup is a very personal form of expression with preferences unique to every individual. Don’t let the opinion of others intimidate you from trying out new and bold makeup trends or going completely makeup-free! Feel free to wear that bold lip to family parties even if the aunties gossip about how only married women should wear lipstick. Wear a dramatic cut-crease to a first date to impress your talents rather than the person across the dinner table. Don’t forget to also give your skin some time to breathe by showing the world your beautiful marks that individualize you underneath the makeup.

Here is also some inspiration from talented individuals across the web!