Dear sister:

I am not radical. I am not crazy. I am not lost. I am not confusing terms.

Please, believe me.

Although I lose my patience and call you ignorant, I am not trying to push you away.

I know this is not the way.

I may, however, admit how frustrating it is when I see sisters so close to me refusing to embrace feminism.

Sorry to insist on this, but not all opinions are valid. Just as I don’t argue with mechanics about how my car works, you should not argue with feminists about what feminism is or isn’t.

I know.

You do not.

Darling, I do not want to blame you or criticize you.

I want to help you.

I wish feminism upon you to set you free.

To realize many things that have happened to you were not your fault.

To show you that you are not alone.

To thrive in life.

To support and empower your sisters and let them see you as cooperators and not competitors.

To stop suffering the dictatorship of beauty.

To stop faking (from orgasms to feelings).

To see a world where we are equal.

To heal your wounds after years of self-hate, eating disorders and psychologically abusive relationships.

To make you walk home at night in peace.

To learn about privileges, transphobia, racism, ableism…

Feminism is for you. I never doubted that. Not even when you said you believed in “equalism,” you refused to read about women’s rights or you thought “we are crossing a line here, I don’t hate men.”

We all have been there, but some of us have been lucky enough to dive into feminism and wash our bodies and souls on its healing words.

There is violence in not letting us become who we want. On showing us a world where, no matter how far we go, we still have to become mothers and run our households to fulfill our “duty in life.” On never letting us walk home without fear. On convincing us other women are mean. On making us put all our efforts in looking beautiful and skinny rather than on reading books or playing games.

There is so much violence towards us. Yet you still only see the murderings or the violent rapings as the things to fight against.

Please, please, please. Educate yourself. Let all women who came before you and helped you achieve all you have today (from the right to own property, to the right to vote or attend university) draw the path to your freedom.

You are a woman. As a woman, you suffer certain oppressions that in no way you can deny.

Many others, you cannot even see.

I want you free, stunning, shining by my side.

Do not let them fool you: you need feminism just as much as feminism needs you.

Sister, I wish feminism upon you.