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Female masturbation is spoken about in a lesser fashion. Young women are not being informed about it. They are missing out on being taught about healthy self-pleasure.

I always thought this was an example of inequality. I started masturbating at the age of 10. We learn in SPHE all about how the essence of male puberty is wet dreams and erections.

But did you know? Women can and do have wet dreams also. The shape and design of our vaginas are based on a penile format. Our clitoris swells and gets bigger as we get aroused.

Why don’t we learn about the sexual joy of our own bodies? Why are young girls inadvertently made to feel that we just don’t experience pleasure? We get pregnancy and periods instead. Why is the education system so afraid of addressing female orgasms, female wet dreams, and female pleasure in general?

It is a question that should be tackled with the new introduction of updated Sexual Health classes commencing in the UK by 2021. These classes will cover a range of topics such as gender identity, LGBTQIA+, and consent.

As a young woman who found secret enjoyment in orgasms and masturbation, I grew up feeling like it was wrong. None of my friends spoke of it. When approached, they all were shocked. I guess it was the beginning of my journey of owning the word “slut.” But I shouldn’t have had to at such a young age. No girl should.

The only time that female masturbation was spoken about was in a joking way about older women and their sex toys. Female masturbation isn’t a kink. Nor is it a joke.

We are so similar to our male peers during puberty. Sadly though, we are told lies to create a division.

Millions of girls will wake up from a wet dream this month and feel shame. They will go to school, only to be taught all about boys’ wet dreams while we experience ours with no answers.

In the face of women becoming strong. Speaking up. And outwardly showing that the pleasure they feel is beautiful. The education system needs to listen. Parents need to listen. Your daughters do not need to have a story of shame they can tell when they blossom.

I was always comforted by my mother that it was normal. And she was wonderful at not shrouding it in shame. Society did that.

The female orgasm is intense. It is beautiful. It bursts and changes, and sometimes I even feel as if I have entered another realm. I see myself going through tunnels of radiant light.

It is magic. Raw. Sexual. Feminine. Magic.

And it isn’t anything to feel ashamed of. Let’s normalize female masturbation.

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