*This article contains spoilers. Head to Netflix to watch Unicorn Store ASAP!

Many of us know Brie Larson from her films Room, The Glass Castle, and Captain Marvel (a spectacular film which shows young girls that they are powerful, fierce, and brave). Many of us know Brie Larson from her vocal activism- fighting for gender equality and speaking up to end sexual harassment. Many of us know Brie Larson for educating herself on intersectional feminism and fighting for inclusion. Like Tessa Thompson declares Brie Larson is a warrior. Well, this incredible warrior has just added to her list of achievements. Now, Brie is not only a warrior, an activist, and a feminist. She is the creator of a remarkable gift. She has brought a visual support system, a visual warm hug into fruition. And we should all be so very thankful. I know I am. This is the gift of Unicorn Store.

Once Unicorn Store began, I had a huge smile on my face. I felt pure joy watching Kit (Brie Larson) paint in rainbow color with a hint of gold glitter. It brought me back to my childhood. This was a time when I created without fear. I dreamt without fear. I did without fear. I produced poem after poem. I wrote short story after short story. The characters dancing in my mind came to life on lined paper with black ink. They were my best friends. Each character. And, I was theirs. For a long time. Much like the friendship of Kit and Steve the unicorn. I was a tiny writer. When I got older, I would become a big writer- helping others through the words I publish.

After Kit creates her unique, colorful, and whimsical art presentation, she fails out of art school. Upon coming home Kit believes she is a disappointment. Through tear-filled eyes, this resonated with me. I am creative, similar to Kit. I’m not like others. I don’t want to fit into some box. I don’t want to be molded into something- into someone I’m clearly not. I wanted to create, continuously. To express myself through words. No matter how short. Or, how long. But, my dreams of becoming a famous author did not come true. Instead, I was told no. Over and over, and over again. My creativity and my unique self was not appreciated nor desired. There was always a man who took my place, who took a job position, who took my dream, and who was better than me. So, I became a disappointment to my family. I became the failure.

By the end of the movie, I was filled with hope, and each viewer should be too. I followed Kit on a journey, a magical life journey that was so shockingly similar to my own. I laughed. I cried (so many times). And I believed in myself again. Kit’s story showed me that no matter how many times someone tells you no, no matter how many people do not believe in you-you have to keep going. You have to believe in yourself. Never let the magic fade. Never let your dreams fade. You can do anything. You can be anything. I firmly believe that now.

Now, it’s I used to. I used to be a disappointment. I used to be a failure. I used to. I used to. I used to. After watching this movie, I know I’m going to be just fine.

Unicorn Store is a gift, and I’d like to thank Brie Larson for this gift. Because of Brie, and this wonderful movie, I am continuing to create. I am continuing to believe in myself. I am continuing to stay true to my creative, unique self. Here’s to rainbows, magic, hope, and Unicorn Store.