That’s right. Koalas have officially been declared “functionally extinct.” Bumblebees and giraffes have been added to the endangered species list. Also at risk of extinction are chimpanzees, green turtles, a number of different types of tigers and elephants, orangutans, certain kinds of gorillas, black rhinos, blue whales, types of dolphins and penguins, whales, tigers, monkeys, sea lions, and red pandas. Critically vulnerable are giant tortoises, great white sharks, hippos, (sea) turtles, polar bears, narwhals, and jaguars.

A lot of the beloved animals most people grew up with, read children’s books about, and visited in zoos are at risk of never existing again. It is abhorrent that humans are causing so many different types of animals to literally go out of existence. Forever. Remember those adorable blue macaw birds from the movies Rio and Rio 2? They are now extinct in the wild.

Humans need to get a handle on their own destructiveness. They’ve been on the planet for barely a cosmic second, yet they’ve managed to completely demolish it. If people don’t start taking action against what their own species is doing to other species, then soon we won’t be able to save any of these animals.