A woman is a special thing. A woman is a precious thing that is brought into this world for a purpose. Women are special and unique in each and every way. They can create life and love and accomplish whatever they set their minds to. Strong women are the ones that bring true light into this world. They are the ones that leave a person starstruck when they first walk into a room. Women are admired for holding beauty in their eyes and passions in their hearts. Strong women are the ones that settle for nothing less than the best.

An empowered woman is a woman that acknowledges her true worth and is certain of what she has to bring to the table. She understands she is different but does not show hubris for it. She instead takes pride in her achievements. She takes honor in making her own rules, honoring herself, and, most importantly in living by her true passions. A strong woman will break free from the fears that are brought her way. She will break boundaries and understand she is quite capable of accomplishing anything she sets her mind to. She is a person who creates a strong idea of what she wants and what she expects.

Don’t be mistaken: a strong woman was not always strong. She had to overcome difficult obstacles in her way. She had to overcome certain people who believed that men are the true rulers. She has to overcome all the societal pressures that were put in her path to success.

It is quite easy to judge a person for who she appears to be, instead of taking the time to understand her process and the strength that she has come to gain. It’s easy to choose not to understand the constant pressure she is put in by surpassing society’s views of what a woman is meant to portray. The images of a woman being the ideal “housewife” or the ideal person that takes care of the responsibilities that a man may not be capable of doing; and the pressures of having everything put together and knowing what they are doing to do next.

A strong woman surpasses all the expectations that are thrown her way and decides to make her own rules. She has gained strength for a reason, and she will most certainly use it. She does not fight for any attention, and she does not work hard to portray having her “life together.” She believes in being real and demonstrating that she makes mistakes. She believes that mistakes are the things that have helped her become a truly beautiful person. She believes in her value and willingness to continue moving forward despite all the boundaries that may be placed in her way. A strong woman has faith; she will build her strength throughout her journey of life. She is special, and she comes to acknowledge it.

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