It was recently announced that the Trump administration does not believe transgender people do not deserve to use the restroom of their choice. Take this quiz to see if they deserve the right to use the bathroom they identify with:


  • Are transgender people, people?

If you answered yes, you believe transgender people are people, then you are a decent human being.

Transgender people are people (it’s right there – ‘transgender people’) and people have basic rights. This is not an issue of policies. This is not an issue of belief. You can believe that crocs are ugly, or believe that Kim Kardashian is overrated. You can believe that yellow doesn’t flatter anyone, or believe that slam poetry is awesome.

You cannot believe that transgender people are not people. Your political standpoint cannot be ‘oh, transgender people don’t deserve the rights the rest of us have!’. It is not a belief that someone who identifies as a woman is a women — that is a fact. It is also not your place to believe, or assume, someone else’s gender.

Transgender people deserve the same rights as everyone else, so why are they being threatened?