It looks like the day was brighter today than ever, and the reason is obvious. I am sure you gave the due attention to the ladies who are important to you, and you wished them today. Well, I am happy that I came across with some amazing content online today, with some smiling and laughing with the girl gangs in their selfies, with few others tagging their mothers and few others posting social issues and creating awareness. ¬†Moreover, the feeling of gratitude was experienced. But I realized a few women manage to make each day as special as women’s day.

I was traveling by bus today in Mumbai, India, and I was sitting on the ladies seat (In Mumbai, we have few seats reserved strictly for women.) There was a middle-aged woman sitting next to me who was draped in a floral printed saree, and she was busy reading her religious book and was constantly reciting the mantras. After some time, I thought of getting down, but I was not sure about the exact stop for my destination. And I was all confused as the road no more seemed familiar to me. I was supposed to reach at 9:00 am, and it was already 8:40 am so I was panicking. The lady sitting next to me looked at my puzzled face. She smiled and then asked me as to where I was supposed to get down, and I told her the name of my bus stop. She wasn’t sure about that stop either, so she immediately called the conductor and asked him to guide me with my bus stop.

Well, everyone is so busy these days. None has the time to read the facial expressions, and this lady managed to leave her religious mantras aside and actually make an effort. I saw a concerned mother and a beautiful friend in that lady. ¬†I have often seen a few women yelling at the girls standing next to the door on the train. They yell at them for their safety so as to they don’t fall down. Once I was traveling, and the bus was overly crowded, and I was overloaded with packets and vegetables in my hand. Unfortunately, the plastic bag in which I had the vegetables tore off, and I wasn’t able to manage the mess. And there I got rescued by two women who extended a helping hand by offering a bag!

The above mentioned aren’t just sweet gestures but the essence which says there is still humanity around us. This day just got me reminded of all the beautiful experiences. I hope you had your good share of experiences.