Everyone fantasizes about a perfect family with beautiful children. The popularity of Instagram families fulfills the dream for many young stars. However, one questions if pushing young children into the spotlight is healthy for them in the long run.

Lil Tay

In 2018, the internet broke with its newest influencer: Lil Tay. The 9-year-old skyrocketed to fame with her bizarre behavior and massive display of wealth. Lil Tay often photographed herself with luxury cars and houses. However, a video of her leaked that showcased her brother instructing her how to act in front of the camera. In the video, the young girl seems frustrated. This raised major red flags as people began to worry about Lil Tay’s well-being. After this controversy, Lil Tay mysteriously disappeared. This incident sparked discussion on how parents should not manipulate their children for a shot of success.

Phillip Cheung

Children are not the only ones who turn out problematic. Influencer parents also must be held accountable for their actions against their children.

Acacia Kersey

Acacia Kersey is a young mother to 3 children. Last year, she got exposed for her poor parenting skills. Her daughter, Rosemary, suffers from Alagille Syndrome which requires a lot of attention. However, a video posted reveals that Acacia lacks care such as trimming nails and proper clothing. Being an influencer indicates being a good role model.

Acacia Kersey

What is there to do?

In conclusion, the internet brings forth career opportunities for children and parents. However, parents must acknowledge the detrimental harms they might encounter. Moreover, parents should also focus their energy on raising their kids without letting fame get to their heads.

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