Just when you didn’t think that the imbecilic president of the United States could get any worse, this happens:

His message is crystal clear. Take a cold hard look at this image and read in horror as the president of the “Land of the Free” mocks the mass massacre of Native Americans and turns their suffering into the punchline of his misplaced, insensitive, abhorrent joke. Any decent person is absolutely appalled right now.

In case the reader is unaware, the Trail of Tears was the forced removal of Native Americans from their homes, executed by Prez. Andrew Jackson (whose face is on the $20 bill, by the way), on a long and harsh journey across the country that resulted in the cruel death of thousands of people from malnutrition, cold, hunger, and disease. It was labelled the “Trail of Tears” as a reference to the absolute brutality of the event and the suffering that was immorally forced onto these people. And Donald Trump just made light of their genocide.

Not to mention how he incessantly refers to Elizabeth Warren as “Pocahontas,” who, by the way, was a little Native American girl who was a victim of the Europeans. She died tragically after being stolen from her family as a ten-year-old child, forced to marry a grown white man, and horribly put on display to other Europeans as an example of a “civilized savage.” Donald Trump has no right to disrespect her name and her tragedy like that by using it as a derogatory term to mock someone else. (Pocahontas wasn’t even her real name, I might add. Her real name was Matoaka, and she deserves more than an inaccurate, romanticized Disney portrayal of her life.)

Just a bit more proof of how the president of America is a racist, disgusting waste of a human being who doesn’t deserve to be the chief executive of a country that supposedly values equality.