It is super important to help support the music made by women of color. As we buckle down for another round of quarantine, finding new artists is a must. Furthermore, with the rise of digital streaming, it is easier than ever to discover them. With some extra time in quarantine, this gives us an opportunity to help support the women of color artists in the music industry that might not have the same opportunities as their white colleagues. In this list, you’ll find eight new women of color artists that deserve all of the hype and more!

Valiant Vermin

Scout Magazine

Valiant Vermin is an artist from the Philippines. On Spotify, she describes her sound as “super-duper cute bedroom project of some city chick.” With an 80’s aesthetic, poppy beats, and a charming, feminine voice, Valiant Vermin has a discography for anyone interested in a mix between Clairo and Remi Wolf. Recently, she released her single “My Own Skin,” which features Camino 84.

Bree Runway

Lusha Alic via Gay Times

Born in Ghana, Bree Runway is a London-based artist who dabbles in rap, R&B, hip-hop, rock and pop. In an interview with Gay Times, Bree describes herself as “not just a rapper … I’m literally everything.” Fans of 00’s rap, Missy Elliot, and Rico Nasty will love Bree’s raw and electric sound. She released her most recent album, 2000AND4EVA, in early November.


Misha Meghna

Sabiyha is a British-Guyanese artist who made her debut in early 2020 with “Choorile.” According to her Spotify biography, the track’s name is a reclamation of a Guyanese slur for women who are “too loud, unruly, or assertive.” With only three songs released, Sabiyha has already proved to be an R&B singer to watch out for. Fans of M.I.A and Girlhood will love her sound.


Jasper Soloff via Out

BAYLI, from Brooklyn, NY, is full of charisma and spunk. She has been writing songs since she was 16. Her music is experimental and, for lack of a better word, cool. It’s a mix of pop, trap, funk, and R&B. In an interview with Out Magazine, BAYLI comments on her sound, saying, “I see music as a mood or different moods.” She released a handful of singles in 2020, including “sushi for breakfast” and “boys lie.”

Audrey Nuna

Ashley Soong via HYPEBAE

Audrey Nuna is a Korean American artist from New York. With a sound tied between hip hop, some rap, a little trap, and even some soul, she has shown herself to be an experimental artist in music. Moreover, at only twenty, Audrey has proved herself to be a successful vocalist and rapper with her slow, R&B single “Time” and upbeat “damn Right.” Fans of REI AMI and Ashnikko will love her music.

Hope Tala

Ruby Rose Gleeson via Vice

Hope Tala is a 21-year-old west Londoner woman of color. Her debut song “Lovestained” gained traction due to its poetic lyrics, soft vocals, and calming guitar. Hope is a neo-soul lover, according to an interview with Vice, and it can be heard throughout her music. If you like Solange or Corinne Bailey Ray, you will love Hope Tala for her similar vibe but unique musical footprint. She released the EP Girl Eats Sun on November 13th.

Girl Ultra

Finnesse Records

Girl Ultra is a 24-year-old singer from Mexico City, Mexico. Her music is a mix of hip-hop, R&B, and soul. Her main inspirations are Beyonce and Destiny’s Child, and it can be heard in her sultry, 90’s ballad-esque sound. In an interview with Rolling Stone, Girl Ultra mentions the small R&B scene in Mexico and her drive to help build it up. She sings in Spanish with a melodic and comforting voice. If you are a fan of Destiny’s Child, you will love her sound.



Samia is a 23-year-old Lebanese artist from Los Angeles. As the daughter of two creatives—her father is a musician, and her mother is an actress—she has been drawn to music from an early age. Samia’s music is folksy and alternative indie, something that fans of Snail Mail or Phoebe Bridgers might enjoy. She released her debut album, The Baby, in August of this year.