You chained me up

Made me your slave

I carried you everywhere I went

You made me leave my friends

You made me hurt my family

Watching me in pain

You controlled every single aspect of my life

Where I went

Who I associated with

What I did

How I viewed the world and myself

You extinguished the light in my heart and sucked the oxygen out of my lungs

You preyed on my every vulnerability and destroyed me when I was at my weakest

You broke me

But I got back up.

I relit my candle.

Over the years, it grew into a fire.

I got stronger.

I spat in your face and left you lying defenseless on the curb.

I drowned the remnants of your body in the black lake by the mountaintop.

I burned your belongings and said a prayer next to the ashes.

I prayed that you would writhe in hell, never to suffocate another little girl ever again.

I crossed myself and walked away, abandoning you with every footstep.

Now I defy your legacy with every ounce of my spirit I bought back.

I sing. I laugh. I dance. I love. I fly.

I run barefoot in meadows.

I climb to the icy tips of mountains.

I paint with the memories of joy that I have collected like stamps.

I have deserted you, and you will never abuse me again.