Feminism brings lots of thoughts and feelings to the surface. It’s changed a lot as the years passed, from the Suffragettes to white feminism, to what is actual feminism (see: intersectional feminism). Movements like ‘Free the Nipple’ have given feminists the reputation of wanting to be nude, which, well, they should be if they want — though I’m not at all advocating for public indecency. I’d rather not look at anyone naked, personally.

But the issue here is, why are men allowed to show their nipples whereas women aren’t?

Like . . . they’re just nipples, dude.

And feminism isn’t just about freeing the nipple or bigger movements and protests — it’s within the smaller, subtler things. For some people, the idea of cleaning and cooking as a girlfriend or a wife is as if it’s going against the very core of feminism, but it isn’t. After all, feminism (take a shot [of water] every time I say feminism!) is supporting everyone’s rights to choose, whether it is wanting to work, stay at home, cook, clean, be a housewife/full-time mum, whatever it is. Feminism is a community of supportive people, not just womxn.

As for me, I find cleaning to be therapeutic and a form of comfort. I always feel better, and accomplished, after cleaning. Today, my boyfriend and I changed the furniture in the bedroom around and I re-organized all the clothes, putting away the spring/summer clothes and bringing out the ones for the next season/s. I cleaned the furniture and got out the new bedspread. The room itself felt fresher, cleaner, and overall, just looked a lot better, because it was something that felt good while redoing. Cleaning, while sometimes can be a chore, is calming: following a routine, wiping away the dirt, dust, and grime, seeing everything appear glossy, reflective, and just so nice.

The fact that I enjoy cleaning and tidying doesn’t mean I’m not a feminist — because I am. One day, I’ll be a stay-at-home mum, whether it’s for just a few years or longer, but whichever I choose to do — I’ll be a feminist, even when I clean and tidy if it’s for myself or even for my man. It’s a choice, and feminism is supporting a person’s right to choose what makes them happy, as long as it’s not hurting anyone or taking away someone’s basic fundamental rights.

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