We all have heard about the border crisis. The news constantly mentions it as well as state and federal governments. Let me tell you that many would blame this so-called crisis on immigrants waiting at the border to seek asylum. Immigrants in any country have the legal right to claim asylum. Many Democratic and Republican presidents are guilty of deportations and their rhetoric on immigration has gotten worse. The Biden administration is continuing the anti-immigrant rhetoric by continuing to tell immigrants, “Don’t come.” Migrants don’t want to leave their countries but they do in order to survive. The reality is the immigration system in the U.S. is racist. The immigration system was designed to make it really difficult for black and brown immigrants to obtain legal status.

The only time the border is discussed is when a number of immigrants arrive at the border and they call it a “crisis.” Who created this crisis? Who is responsible for making sure that refugee’s asylum claims are heard? Who is responsible for making sure refugees are not living at the border? This is not talked about. The federal government doesn’t have a system in place that properly allows migrants to seek asylum once they reach the border. Basically, they’re left waiting at the border waiting to enter to make their asylum claims. Currently, the Biden administration is responsible for continuing the use of title 42 and expelling immigrants.

Title 42

The previous administration enacted Title 42 last year in order to close the U.S.-Mexico border to refugees. Title 42 is a public health order issued by the CDC that limits refugees from seeking asylum except for children. Recently, a judge has ordered the Biden administration to stop deporting families who are seeking asylum at the border. The administration has been given two weeks to stop expelling families. However, the Biden administration says they will appeal the decision. This administration said they would treat immigrants in a more humane way. Nonetheless, they continue to deport them and continue to jail refugees in detention centers.

Recently, thousands of Haitian refugees were living in a camp underneath the Del Rio International Bridge. Haitians wanted to seek asylum in the U.S. but many were not allowed to enter. Instead, Haitian refugees were met with violence by border patrol riding horses who were whipping them. As a result, the Biden administration said those agents would face consequences. Despite this, the Biden administration has rushed the deportation of many Haitian refugees. They have already carried out three flights with about 145 Haitians on board. There are more deportations scheduled to Haiti in which include women and children. It is really cruel and dehumanizing to deport Haitians and other immigrants. Many Haitians have no future in Haiti. Even though a number of Haitians were allowed to enter the U.S., many were deported and many had to stay in Mexico.

Immigrants and the U.S.-Mexico Border

I mentioned the use of the phrase “border crisis” earlier because the way that we speak matters. Borders do not make the world safer; borders create fear. Those walls are built to separate people and to keep people out. Another phrase that is often used is when immigrants come into a country “legally” or “illegally.” The land is not legal nor illegal. When people say this, they make it sound like if they owned the planet. First of all, no one owns the planet and no one has the right to tell people where they can move to. People have the right to freely move throughout the land.   

With that being said, refugees and immigrants should be welcomed wherever they decide to move to. We shouldn’t turn people away because of what they look like nor where they come from. Congress, the Senate, and the Biden administration all have the power to change the immigration system. Deportations and expulsions are not going to solve anything and are placing people in dangerous situations. Refugees at the U.S.- Mexico border should not be met with violence on either side of the border. Mexican officials were also violently attacking Haitian refugees. Both governments need to do better. Refugees, migrants are humans who are in need of help and who just want to provide for their families.

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