Nearly 1.5 million people have signed a petition campaigning for Mia Khalifa’s pornographic videos to be removed from PornHub and BangBros.The petition ‘demands her domain names be returned, her videos be removed and fairly discussed in court without putting her into deep financial ruin.’ At the time of writing,1,464,971 people have signed the petition.

Mia Khalifa had stated that she was manipulated and forced into the porn industry when she was 21-years-old. After making videos for three months, Khalifa left the industry for good. Despite her videos receiving over 800 million views, Khalifa has only earned $12k from them.

Big corporations continue to profit from her name and content despite Khalifa retiring five years ago. Khalifa was disowned by her own family as a result of the videos and admits that she still attends therapy due to her time in the industry. Mia’s legal team is still providing financial offers to the current owners of her domain name and videos, yet they are still being turned down each time.

Mia continues to receive death threats on a daily basis and has told fans that she cannot heal from her trauma due to this. ‘I just want B*angbros to stop actively putting me in harm’s way by promoting my six-year-old videos like they’re new, making millions of ppl think I’m still active. The death threats are emotionally crippling, I haven’t felt safe even going to the grocery store alone in years,’ Khalifa wrote on Twitter.

In the Arab world, Khalifa is said to be sexualized by the very same men that say her behavior is unforgivable and continue to perpetuate the harmful abuse Khalifa receives.

Arab men sin badly as well when they masturbate to her videos, but they won’t acknowledge that. Their views aren’t religious, they are based on who can hide the side that can be viewed as bad by society more. In this case, Mia did the exact opposite. She didn’t hide at all. She just did it and that scares them. Seeing a woman, an Arab woman to be specific, making her own decisions for herself? That terrifies them.

Sandy Mekky

Khalifa has promised that the petition will be “the first step to change… this movement these girls have started will shed light on the predatory practices of that industry, and help save the annual thousands of girls from the same traps”. Khalifa has also used her TikTok platform extensively to help spread awareness about the dark side of the porn industry. After all, Khalifa’s experiences are not isolated incidents. Thousands of girls go through the same treatment not just in the US, but globally. Thousands of different female porn stars are available for adults to watch at the click of a button. The majority of them are young and sometimes vulnerable – easy targets for the ‘big-leagues’ of the porn industry.

Sign the petition to get justice for Mia Khalifa here.

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