We have periods.

Isn’t it crazy how this can still be a taboo on 2018?

We menstruate. We bleed through our vaginas once a month, every single month of the year, since we are 12 until we are 50. We usually get our underwear dirty, or our sheets, sometimes even our pants. We bleed RED, SHINY, SLIMY blood (not that aesthetic blue liquid that pads and tampon commercials show) and this is just a natural, normal part of ourselves.

I often can’t wrap my mind around the fact that we constantly feel ashamed about our periods. Knowing the actual survival of the human species relies upon our cycles (which definitely include our menstruations) I would assume people would be walking around worshipping every menstruating person.

However, every one of us can tell you that, rather than worshipping us, we are made to be silent about this, embarrassed, mortified. Most of us can relate to that young teen in high school asking to go to the toilet and tightly pressing a tampon onto her fist so no one can find out what she is doing. Or that girl that got her pants dirty with blood and cried, left the school, ran home…Or that woman nervously asking her female friends if her skirt has a red stain when she feels the slightest leak. Or that lady faking she isn’t feeling like sex just so she doesn’t have to tell her partner that she is actually on her period.

I believe we must re-claim periods. We must be able to openly speak about them. We need to tell the world we menstruate all the time and this is what is supposed to happen. Menstruation is not gross. It shouldn’t be taboo. We deserve to be empowered by our cycles, the changes it brings to our bodies, the opportunities it gives us to actively work on our self-care, maybe even try how sex feels with it (studies show sex it can help ease menstrual cramps!).

In order to be at peace with my period and reclaim the power of my menstruation back, I have found the menstrual cup to be very useful. It has given me so much freedom I honestly forget I am on my period at times. It is much more respectful with our sensitive reproductive organs (it is completely made out of medical silicone, free of chlorine bleach and other doubtful products present in tampons and pads), it is leak free and it is environment-friendly (as it is reusable and you don’t produce any waste using it). On top of this all, it is budget-friendly, since you can use it up to a year or maybe even more if you take good care of it. It is not difficult at all to put in place and you can’t feel it once is in the correct spot.

Ever since I tried it thanks to the research of a close friend, I have done nothing but recommend it to all my fellow menstruating people. Sometimes they even ask me if I’m getting a share of the money menstrual cups producers make for how much I stress the benefits of it. Nevertheless, it is honestly just a piece of advice I would’ve loved to have since I ever had my first period. I have only had positive reviews from all my sisters that have started using it and I believe this is something we have the duty of passing on. It is hard to believe that the menstrual cup is still so unknown knowing the first patent for it was in 1935.

Give it a try and see if it also helps you have easier periods and let’s all bring down the menstruation taboos! #IBleedAndImNotAshamedOfIt