Who will win the fight for female Santa?

To begin this holiday fight, and in the theme of feminism or feminist culture, one role has always been primarily male. Santa Claus, our beloved Christmas cheer-bringer, has been agreed upon as a male figure throughout history. However, in the past few years, we have seen a rise in females embodying this character. But with much surprise, nearly a global movement has been on the rise to include a female version of Santa. In the spirit of Christmas tidings, have you witnessed a female portraying the role?

Will we revere a First Lady’s response?

As with any major transition, first ladies often rise to inspire new ideas. Smithsonian Magazine went into detail by quoting previous First Lady, Eleanor Roosevelt, on the clash of female figures portraying the character: Even years ago, some observers saw it coming. “It is customary in wartime for women to take over numerous fields of employment conventionally reserved for men,” the St. Louis Star-Times noted in 1941. But while the paper conceded that First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt might be right that a “woman’s place is in the office, factory, courtroom, marketplace, corner filling station, and other locations too numerous to mention,” it drew a line in the snow at Santa. “There is one male domain. However, that should be defended at all costs,” it insisted. {“A woman Santa Claus? Heaven forbid! That would be stretching the credulity of guileless little children too far.”}

Therefore, if women are regularly portraying primarily male-dominant roles, should a female pick up the lead role of Christmas? We see the true spirit of Christmas as happy, jolly even. Why does the role of Santa Claus have to be a male-gendered stereotype?

When did Santa come to town?

Circa 1200-1500, the creation of St. Nicholas, Santa Claus, was born into existence. We know very little about exact origins, but many cultures believe in a male form bringing good tidings during the holiday season. By 1823, “Twas The Night Before Christmas” was drafted, and the male Santa we all know was created. The modern era Santa Claus’s image was created by the Coca Cola Company. If Santa has changed throughout history, why can’t a female version of this toymaker become the new norm?

Where do you stand?

Finally, why stop there? Why not pave the way to a feminist society by providing a female role model? Santa Claus clearly has a loving, gentle nature. This is exactly the type of societal figure needed in the 21st Century!

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