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As social media is slowly returning back to normal from all the posts on the #BlackLivesMatter or BLM Movement, I just want to remind everyone that the issue of racism isn’t truly over.

Whenever we turn on the tv or read about news of white police officers killing innocent black men, it is becoming a norm within our society. We automatically assume that an innocent black man was killed because society viewed him as a threat, thanks to institutionalized racism.

With what has happened in the current news with George Floyd, we realize how corrupt America is. We should not take this as a status quo. We should be feeling the pain of those around us regardless of our skin color. Black lives, or should I mention, ALL lives DO matter. If repeated death and brutality isn’t an indication that we have a big problem, then what is?

Also, as a minority woman living in America, when I read about situations such as the incident with George Floyd, it makes me feel helpless. So, I just want to say one thing. This is not just a passing phase. I encourage the minority community to come together to support this BLM Movement. It is important to have these conversations with our friends and family. Call out racism when you see it.

Within our society, we worry about speaking up on social media. Many of us are taught to avoid racial issues and topics of violence. We are afraid of uncomfortable conversations and taking a stand to show our support. The truth is we should all be standing up together to protect innocent lives. Educate those who are ignorant of facing reality.

Racism is alive, and it is time to acknowledge its existence and educate yourself on why this is a never-ending issue. This could be done by reading books and watching documentaries. African American authors have published books that truly depict the injustice our black allies face in society. Now, here are some things you can still do to help create a real systematic change. 

Sign petitions

Exercise your right to vote

Make donations to black activist groups

Support black owned businesses

Moreover, our skin color doesn’t dictate whether we have a right to have a voice or not. We must stand together in order for America to become better, so we don’t ever have to hurt again as we do now with the passing of George Floyd. Just remember this is history in the making. I hope you can look back and be proud of which side you chose to be on. “Love thy neighbor as thyself.”

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