When the world goes to sleep, sometimes we are alone in our thoughts. Our minds endlessly racing with thoughts, tossing and turning wide awake at 3 am. But, how many of you ever sat down and had a chat with yourself? 

I believe everyone has their own perspective of self-care. Everyone has to find what works for them individually. With that being said, I believe everyone should grab a pen and notebook and start journaling. This advice might seem pretty common and cliche, however, it has shown tremendous benefits on mental health. Jotting down your thoughts gives you a chance to be in the spotlight. The weight of our thoughts can be overwhelming, and by jotting these thoughts down, it can give you an opportunity to process your own feelings. 

In this fast-paced society, sometimes we forget to breathe and take a moment for ourselves. Those that wear a smile when they are truly hurting or those that require a tremendous effort just to get out of bed. We have all been there, having a meltdown and ranting to your significant other, best friend, or family member. Many of us react before we can understand our own feelings.

Therefore, by journaling, you are in a judgment-free zone. It is a potent habit and a great way to pour out all the anxiety and stress you have been holding in. By cleansing our minds, we can realize that maybe things aren’t as bad as it seems. Thus, there is no need to be anxious about something so trivial. I believe it is incredibly therapeutic to think through your thoughts, which can lead to healing and empowerment. By emptying our minds and understanding where our stressors originate from, we can determine a better way of moving forward.

That being said, what are you waiting for? Represent your feelings in your notebook or your blog. Get creative and decorate your journal as it is solely just for your eyes only. Grasp a better understanding of your own emotions by journaling. A couple of years down the road, you can look back at the journey of proof through your own writing. Just remember you’re so much more than your anxiety, sadness, illness, or fears.

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