In an age where anything can be purchased and delivered at the touch of a button, it seems only fitting that online birth control pharmacies would be on the rise. An online birth control pharmacy essentially allows a person to be prescribed the birth control pill without having to go into their doctor’s office. And, honestly, the process really is that simple.

The first step would be to find an online birth control pharmacy that you like. I personally use The Pill Club, so I will be explaining their process. If you don’t already have a birth control prescription, all you have to do is fill out a quick questionnaire that asks about your health history and brand preferences. From there, you can submit a photo of your health insurance card. After they review your information, they will send you a text explaining your costs, your prescription, and how to reach them if you have any questions. One of the best parts is that each time they send you a refill, it comes in a discreet package that includes goodies like chocolate, stickers, and even emergency contraceptives.

Not only is this an overly simple process, but this concept of an online birth control pharmacy has a multitude of other benefits. If a person does not feel safe disclosing to their partner that they are on birth control, these pharmacies offer a discreet way for them to be still able to control their sexual freedom. Also, even if you do not have health insurance, you can still get a prescription at an extremely low cost. It also just makes it generally easier and quicker to get a prescription. Whereas men can usually just go to any type of convenience store and purchase condoms, women have always traditionally had to make an appointment and go into their doctor’s office to obtain birth control. These pharmacies completely remove that step while still allowing you to get a prescription from a medical professional.

More importantly, during this novel time of the COVID-19 virus, being able to purchase products and services online is a huge relief for most people. The downside is that these pharmacies only cater to those who are a good fit for the birth control pill. If you are not a good candidate, you will still need to go into your doctor’s office for a consultation about other birth control methods. After you submit your questionnaire, the medical team will let you know if you are a good candidate for the pill or not.

My experience has been nothing but positive with The Pill Club, and the medical team makes it extremely easy to contact them through text if you have any questions or concerns. When I wanted to change my prescription, all I had to do was text them explaining the reason why, and they asked me a few questions and processed a new prescription that very same day. I whole-heartedly believe that these pharmacies have the potential to change the way that people can take control of their sexual health and freedom. Getting birth control should not be a long and complicated process, and these pharmacies are taking us one step closer to that being a reality for everyone.

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