The human being goes through stages, like our personal image, situations, and moments that can create changes in us, whether in very visible or sometimes invisible ways. The world is changing, and so are we. For several, we are currently transmitting many emotions, experiences, and various achievements. There is in us a great revolution of manifestation, which brings change and new social paradigms that we have wanted so much, to improve, to grow, and to relate to others.

All the time we are communicating, it is something inherent in the human being to transmit and communicate our values, needs, purposes, ideas, and thoughts. Everything that makes me feel identified with myself and with the rest, which can take us to other social levels, with greater opportunities, as well as lead us to a level of awareness and respect.

The main objective of feminism is equal rights between women and men, and this concept is reflected in our energy, we begin to vibrate with more force in this peaceful struggle for union and community. With feminism, we fight to establish that equity, that respect, and the need to be able and to be manifest, for a life consistent with its principles.

We capture this fight in our accessories, the colors we use, greens, and violets that proclaim freedom. We translate our messages into poetry-laden banners, on our faces with sparkles and contemporary colors, and on our headbands, that clear our eyes to focus on our objective. Finally, this is how we come to diversity, power, and women’s revolution.

We are visual beings in an era where the image is important. However, not only does it focus on the clothes you wear, but the image is also your personality, your voice, your value. The work of self-discovery is necessary to manifest yourself, and it is hard, long, and intimate work. This non-verbal communication is transformed into shapes and silhouettes, into a diverse shoe, in soft and intense colors that convey a feeling, your mood, vibration, power, and freedom.

The women’s revolution seeks to fight to live better in society. But the most important fight, when looking at feminism, that we must face is with ourselves every day, that we must accept ourselves, a concept that we have not stopped repeating. Although that is already changing, little by little, your opinion of yourself and what you project is your great power. Show yourself.

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