Raghad Khaled

Raghad Khaled

Content Writer
Student in Dentistry , full time Freelance writer who's interested in feminism, politics, psyche, and art. I write with passion in three other different magazines. One of my biggest wishes is to write my own book in the future. Taking baby steps will one day lead me to the one big step of becoming a successful person.

Find Your Voice; Moxie Says

https://youtu.be/Sf34qI1hjKU Moxie official trailer The movie Moxie, a 2021 new Netflix movie, is based on a YA novel by Jennifer Mathieu,

Lifestyle & Arts

Degendering Art

Women have been integral to the world of art for centuries. Yet, women in art are underrepresented and misinterpreted. The

Mental Health

If My Destiny Was A Person

Trigger warning: violence, self-harm I don’t know if I’m ever going to share this letter with thousands of strangers. It