Being a social media influencer in today’s modern world is more than being an entertainer. 28-year old Ayeda Shadab from Afghanistan has more followers on Instagram than the president, Ashraf Ghani. As a social media influencer, she changed the world’s perspective on the worn-zone country. Ayeda is one of those brave influencers who faced a lot of difficulties while shooting in violence-ridden cities, yet brought a cheerful impression.

According to her LinkedIn profile, the fearless influencer is known as an Independent business owner. Ayeda has a bachelor’s degree in Corporate Administration from the University of Sains Islam Malaysia. As well as an MBA from Beijing Normal University in China. Her journey to bring a positive image of Afghanistan to the public eye wasn’t as easy as her selfies show – it did take time to have a global audience. She isn’t only known for traveling selfies but also her sense of fashion.

What else does Ayeda do?

Ayeda is the founder of Ayeda Fashion and Ayeda Jewelry. Consequently, her fashion gives a positive vibe to an observer, lightening up the scene. More or less, her image influences how the world perceives her country. Not to forget, she comes from a place where society is still learning the basics of social media platforms.

Her work is more than posting stories and running businesses. Additionally, she represents her country, she empowers the women in her country through her fashion. Interestingly, she doesn’t just stick to fashionable Burqas on her Instagram stories. She also has trendy full-length frock style dresses, formal wear, and other traditional dresses. All the outfits are available to buy at Ayeda Fashion with worldwide shipping.

Being an inspiration

Ayeda enjoys traveling, going to gatherings, and clicking pictures. Additionally, we see her in pictures with Yousef Dawran. This romantic couple erases our negative perception of Afghanistan being only a violent war-zoned country. According to his Instagram profile, Yousef Dawran is the founder of a food-based business. Dawran’s presence gives an additional perspective to the world. Showing a happy couple image on social media represents those stories in Afghanistan of women being happy and treated with respect.

Being on a journey as a social media influencer for Ayeda Shadab is unique and inspiring for up-coming influencers from Afghanistan. However, only 14% of the population uses the internet in her country. So, raising to where she is currently is worth every struggle she went through to get herself pictured at different locations. Maybe, being privileged like studying in Malasia and China, in some aspects helped her be an influencer. However, fame doesn’t come without hard work, she is consistent and true to herself. The world wouldn’t have seen this side of Afghanistan without the courage of social media influencers like Ayeda.

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