Think of the name Gloria Enciso Power. Think of the power a woman has without even knowing it. Think of how women come to be special in each and every way without acknowledging it. Think of the power that they hold in their hands, their minds full of accomplishments, their hearts filled with desires. Women are capable of anything. They are special, each and every one of them has something extraordinary to bring to this wonderful world.

The name Gloria Enciso Power is a name that stood out to be me. It is a name that brings great power and a name that brings a story, a great story I must come to say. Gloria Enciso was a wonderful person, a wonderful woman I must add. She was a woman that stood out for being the difference that the world came to need and desired. She was the woman that stood out of her comfort zone and showed people what it was like to be unique and break the social norms.

Gloria Enciso Power was a woman who was born into the Radio Station business, and she was the woman that used her talent for good. She was the woman that had the voice of an angel, a voice that was heard and recognized miles away. This woman had many different accomplishments, but her greatest accomplishment is standing up to the social norms that were set for her in the 1960s.

Gloria Enciso Power was a woman that surpassed all the social norms that were put in her way. She came from a time period where women were not capable of much, where women were kept in the house to take care of their children. She came from an era of man coming to govern what it was that women were truly allowed to do and how they came to be viewed because of their actions. Women came to feel tremendous pressure as to how they came to be seen by men at this time. The 1960s came to be an era where women observed many strict gender roles and social norms, compiled with expectations that society had come to set out for them.

Gloria Enciso knew she was different from the rest. She knew she was born with different aspirations and different goals. Apart from being the first woman to host her first radio show in Mexico, she stood up for her beliefs. Divorce was something that came to be quite impossible without the proof of adultery or abandonment. Most women were afraid of the social and economic burdens that were followed by divorce.

The loneliness that followed leaving the women without much to do or to look forward to in a man governed world. It was a woman’s duty to maintain a happy and healthy marriage. Meanwhile, a man had quite the freedom to do what he desired. A woman was required to be faithful and demonstrate success among their husbands. Gloria Enciso Power understood she was quite powerful alone, and she knew her potential.

She understood she would come to be underlooked for taking the difficult decision of demanding a divorce. Without a doubt in her mind, she took a step forward and created quite a legacy. A legacy that broke the social standards that were placed in her way. There were no obstacles that stood in her way of becoming the woman that she truly desired to become. Gloria Enciso Power left a mark in this world for women to discover they are truly capable of anything when they come to set their minds to it. Women are incredible human beings that have the capacity to inspire and leave these standards behind. Women are extraordinary and were brought into this world to be the change that is desired.

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