So I saw on the news the other day

Breaking News Said

A terrorist attack

And guess what?

They say it was Muslims, again


My friend was bullied at school

Terrorist unjustly accused

Just because he was a Muslim

Next day

He was gone, hurt by lies, suicide

But life went on


So I ask you that sit and accuse

Here you kill terrorist that you made yourself

Using the armies you build

You invade countries to loot

While calling yourself the guardian angel right?

What about Kashmir? Palestine?

The bombs you gave to Israel?

I have seen roasted bodies of humans at the streets

They were humans

Just like you and me


So, listen to me

We are not weak

We have resources

We have a history, don’t you remember?

The oil, science, mathematics, physics, chemistry and medicine

These all belong to us

Our ancestors gave this knowledge to the world

But we get called illiterate?

People write books on my Prophet (P.B.U.H)

Claiming him the best teacher of mankind

And then use those books to teach me?


We were large in numbers and strong on 6th of Ramadan

Not a pitcher destroyed

Or a woman or child touched

But we feared as terrorists?


Do you know why I cry?

I have seen a 13 year old daughter

Being raped in-front of her father

By animals dressed as soldiers

Sons tortured in-front of mothers

Women and children running naked through war-torn streets


We point fingers instead of shaking hands

All I want is you to realize

All Muslims aren’t bad

Don’t blame Islam and good Muslims

For the damages terrorists did


We need a world of respect

Of each beliefs

No more name calling

No more accusations, or hatred


As Quran says,

In the name of Allah, The Most Merciful, Most Magnificent

If a man murders a person

It would be as if he murders the whole humanity

And if a man saves a life

If would be as if he saves the entire humankind


We are Muslims

Not Terrorists

Islam has no place for terrorists, no place for animals


Let’s be one

Not Christians, Muslims, Hindus, or Sikhs

But humans

Fighting for a better future