The beauty and power of women in this era often make me think how amazing we are! And being said that, each one of us definitely is in the process of getting better and achieving something big. I like how women take stand for women and get their voices one against rape and abuse. But at the same time, I wonder how does a particular section of women try to kill the will of their well-wishers. Am I confusing you? Well, I will be more clear now. All men aren’t rapists or molesters. All of them don’t abuse or wish to demean women. But don’t you think because of few of them, we are being harsh to most of them?

I travel a lot in my city, in Mumbai, India. And I have a tendency to observe people while I travel. I remember an incident which took place around 4 months back when a man tried to offer a seat to a woman on the bus. She obviously sat on that seat but didn’t even think of thanking him. Now, a similar kind of incident happened just two months back when a man tried to take a stand for a woman in the train when she was arguing with some other man, as she was uncomfortable with the way he was sitting, as he was sitting right next to her. But again she didn’t acknowledge the fact that he took a stand for her.

In the above case, the men tried to help because of humanity. Well, I am scared of such women, they are directly killing chivalry and indirectly killing feminism under the mask of arrogance and fake feminism. And I have talked to few guys regarding their act of chivalry. Unfortunately, their answers had the same voice, “Fake feminism has killed chivalry.” While the few others are scared of extending a helping hand towards women, as they are scared they will be pushed back by the wave of fake feminism and an arrogant voice.

I hope we witness a change soon! I hope we see the power of true feminism soon.