Motherhood is a journey paved with unknowns and constant worries.

“Where should I send my child to school?”

“Should I let my child stay over at their friend’s house this week?”

The thoughts that flood a mother’s mind could fill a river of worries and concerns in a heartbeat. As if just being a mother isn’t a stressful job on its own. Most women juggle motherhood and work along with any other personal relationships one may keep. Motherhood is a joy, but the recent COVID-19 pandemic has thrown a wrench into a balancing act that most women deal with already.

COVID-19 stopped the world in mid-March. Stay-at-home orders and school abruptly converting to hybrid programs have left many, if not most, mothers in a state of disarray. Schools very quickly shut down, so where does that leave the working mom of this world? Some women who were lucky enough to keep their jobs and convert to online formats were forced to take on not only their work-at-home duties but also providing childcare and schooling for their children. Some women were unfortunately left jobless with children to care for and a mountain of financial worries along with the added teaching duty.

Working moms weren’t the only ones faced with a new set of challenges. Stay-at-home moms also had to adapt to having their children at home 24/7 and taking up their new duty of teaching their children. So how are the moms of this world doing it?

Well, the simple answer: hard work. Imagine being a mom, regardless of whether or not you are working or staying at home, being thrust into a new duty as a mother along with all the other issues this pandemic has created. Moms have been pushing through to keep their children caught up on schoolwork and to uphold all the other responsibilities we handle. But now it seems the dust is settling some, moms took on another duty to keep their children healthy and safe however where do we go from here?

“Are the moms expected to keep this up?”

“Are we going back to work?”

“Are we going to send our children back to school?”

“What happens if I go back to work and my child doesn’t have school daily?”

These are all questions that are haunting all moms right now. Government and school officials still don’t seem to have any answers for us. For a while, it seemed things were going back to a more normal way of life as we knew it before, but as July approaches, COVID-19 cases are on the rise again. Businesses are shutting back down, and there is no word on schooling for children, not to mention any work responsibilities one might have.

COVID-19 has shaken our world and changed many aspects of how we live all in an effort to keep everyone healthy. The virus seems to be just another thing to add to the list that keeps the moms of the world awake at night. Even though we haven’t gotten any solid answers on how the future might look, we are seeing all the moms rise up and do what we do best.

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