Have you ever had that feeling something was off? This article entails details on how to take precautions while out in public – especially for women. So that you won’t be apart of human/sex trafficking, safety tips are beneficial.

When you’re out in public and the vibe isn’t right:

  • Keep your doors locked.
  • Always Trust your judgment – assume your instinct is right; you should instead be safe than sorry.
  • If you feel that you are in danger or even if someone is acting sketchy, inform a close friend or family member.
  • Keep a form on identification on you at all times.
  • Always be aware of your surroundings.
  • Use social media wisely.
  • Be ready for anything at all times.

With so many things going on in today’s world, it’s very important that we use our knowledge to stay safe and out of danger from human trafficking or modern-day slavery. Anyone can become a victim. However, women and children are mainly being illegally transported elsewhere to be held captive for forced labor or sexual exploitation.

By following these safety tips you may win your chances at catching a break. A lot of us are guilty of sitting in the car listening to our music, partaking on social media, or just on the phone in general. That’s why it is important to KEEP your doors locked at all times.

Human traffickers lure their victims in many ways, so be safe and keep that in mind. Nowadays traffickers are inside of retail stores asking people to join “bible study” so they can gain your trust and abduct you. So when you have a feeling something isn’t right or just plain old weird – back off and stay alert. Shall you ever be abducted – make sure you have a form of identification on you; that way if you are ever seriously harmed or reported missing you may be identified.

Again, always be aware of your surroundings or else, someone can be following you, hiding in your vehicle, etc. Also when it comes to social media I know we are well aware of the many things that can go wrong on there. Even if you don’t trust having your location on – trust social media enough to be able to locate you so stay safe.

The reason why privacy is a good contribution to human trafficking is that the authorities or even your close friends and family can locate you. You’re probably thinking, a stalker and a potential trafficker can too? Well, I’d rather take those chances because they are waiting for you to slip up. It’s better for everyone to know where you are in a situation as such than to have no clue at all.

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