If it wasn’t already clear when Trump called Nazis “fine people,” it should be apparent from his response to Mayor Cruz of San Juan, that he is undeniably racist. “America First” is fine when the crowd is chanting “White Lives Matter,” but brown Americans dying due to a natural disaster? No, they need not apply.

The stark difference in the leadership of Mayor Cruz and Donald Trump is obvious when one is wading in waist-deep flood water conducting rescue missions while the other is squandering taxpayer money on golfing. And yet, that fragile white man has the audacity to criticize a strong woman of color who is more effective at her job than he will ever be. And even more sickening than his response is the silence of the Republican Party. It’s not surprising though – the party that uses gerrymandering to dilute the votes of people of color in the mainland isn’t going to care about brown Americans who live in one of our territories.

The response in relief efforts has been so drastically different from that of Harvey and Irma. You can blame it on the airport or that Puerto Rico is an island surrounded by water (congratulations on opening a dictionary by the way) or the fact that their airport has limited infrastructure. But if a cruise ship can cancel a cruise for relief efforts, the country that touts having the best military in the world can send some ships to it’s own citizens. Of course, when it’s brown lives that are stake, Trump is not going to care.

Not only is Trump’s response absolutely racist in nature, it’s also immature and speaks to his character (or lack thereof). As has been mentioned said before, those waiting for a pivot need not hold their breath. Trump has shown the world who he is his entire life. And he always lashes out anytime new information regarding the Russian investigation is released. There is no reason to give him a chance-unless of course you have nothing to lose. But those who do, Trump’s response to this humanitarian crisis is all of their worst fears come to life. Time and time again, a racist leader of a racist party continues to implement racist policies, and those in party are silent.

Fellow Americans are dying, and it’s up to the American people to support each, because this administration certainly won’t. This administration is too busy funding private travels with taxpayer money, denying young undocumented Americans the opportunity to legally stay in this country and banning Muslims.

So in conclusion, when it come to Donald Trump, white lives and only white lives matter. Brown and black Americans are “sons of bitches,” “radical terrorists,” “rapists,” and “ingrates.” To pretend otherwise is to be a fool.

By the way, in case you think helping our fellow Americans is important, here are some ways you can help the relief effort in Puerto Rico.