Urinary tract infections are no joke and what makes them worse is feeling like it’s you that’s the problem. Come to find out, the more women you frequent in conversation, the more you find out that, in fact, it’s common for women to have several in any given year. Even up to eight or nine. The cure? Taking another antibiotic that harms our holy biome and makes us prone to other infections that we have to find treatment for. From young ladies in their early twenties to matured women post-menopause, series of UTIs are common. Why is there no answer for the cause, and why is this being brushed off into normalcy?

How do they appear?

You’ve gone to the bathroom and showered before and after intercourse. You’ve taken your cranberry supplements and vitamin c to help prevent them from happening, but they still do. They can appear in a multitude of ways. From frequent urination to a burning sensation, from lower abdominal pain to lower back pain. They can be caused by an array of factors as well. From dehydration to intercourse, consuming too many sugary drinks to not urinating in a timely manner, and using irritating hygiene products or being under great loads of stress. Great, so we’re helpless. 

What can we do about UTIs?

We’re not exactly helpless, we just need to take utmost care of our bodies and be more in tune with them to the best of our abilities. It doesn’t hurt to cut down on sugar and increase our water intake. It also doesn’t hurt to create space for ourselves daily and create balance when stress is oftentimes present. On top of that, proper hygiene should never be compromised, even if UTIs still continue to occur. Shower often and use chemical-free products like Dr. Bronner’s castile soap. Be aware of what products you’re allowing your skin to absorb and your feminine parts to come in contact with. Headlining products used on a daily basis on top of harmful practices such as douching can cause an overthrow of our biome.

 We must maintain a balanced pH level and preserve the good bacteria our body creates. Don’t be shy to invest in daily women’s pro and prebiotics. It’s better to maintain proper care of your body than instill treatment. For UTIs specifically, there’s a product on the market that has gained the utmost positive response. It’s called Uqora and was originated by a woman who had eight UTIs in one given year. With her partner as a biochemist, they were determined to create a solution that many doctors wrote off as “there’s nothing you can do about it.” 

The bottom line

While it can be discouraging to not understand why you may be frequenting UTIs, it doesn’t mean you should give up on your body. There are healthy avenues worth trying, and there are naturalist doctors out there that are willing to listen and find alternatives that are safer and healthier for your body.  

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