Earth is dying. No surprise there. In a very short amount of time, if no climate action occurs, the planet will be beyond repair. Humans are putting so many greenhouse gases into the atmosphere and ice caps are melting and oceans are becoming more acidic and our coral reefs are deteriorating and a myriad of other critical environmental issues.

But the scariest part of this whole situation isn’t even the actual climate change itself.

It’s the government.

The American government (among other countries) has been terrifyingly complacent in this whole ordeal, and that, more than the actual climate change, is what will ultimately doom us.

The source of this issue is that politics has become way too monetary-based and divided, a corrupt game of elitism that revolves around hatred and selfishness. The ruined state of the government is an entire separate problem that needs to be addressed, but our government officials are ignoring that massive climate problems sitting right in front of their noses, denying climate change even though all the scientific evidence held tells them differently.

This arises another possibility: merging science and politics.

Since the government is the primary form of monitoring the people and ensuring their safety and well-being, the state of the planet is deeply intertwined into the government’s responsibilities. And since the current politicians are avoided reform that will save the planet, our world’s scientists need to step up.

Scientists form the backbone of all we know about the world, and they’re smart as well. If scientists were to begin showing more interest in getting directly involved in politics, like maybe starting off as senators and whatnot, then the amount of change we would see to the main priorities of our legislators would be substantial.

In conclusion, scientists + politics = yes. It could quite possibly help salvage both our species and our planet.