Shloka Sara Praveen
I am a twenty-year-old undergraduate at the Guildford School of Acting/University of Surrey. I am an Indian currently living in the UK. I’m an intersectional feminist & activist. I write about all things from consent, to sexual assault, trauma, body dysmorphia, also in connection to South Asia. I study theatre and performance at uni, and I’m learning more about decolonising theatre & film. I started an interview series on my Instagram (@hotshlocolate) called Musing on The Middle East. My best friend is Syrian and having lived briefly in the Middle East, I realised how little the western world knows of the Middle East, and how alarmingly normalized unrest in the Middle East has become. Through these interviews, I also especially want to shed light on the experiences of middle eastern women.

How Chadwick Boseman Redefined Black Masculinity On Screen

Chadwick Boseman reimagined the Black man on screen. Reshaped masculinity. Rewrote the unspoken rules entrenched within Hollywood. And finally, he